How to use Automated Customer Segmentation for higher sales

How to use automated customer segmentation

We all knew that targeting all the customers at once was ineffective. Therefore, eCommerce businesses need to divide customers into different categories and give them suitable and personalized approaches. Before taking the time to research powerful solutions to make customers satisfied, the stores need to think about smart ways to classify customers into well-matched segments. Therefore, our article today will suggest approaches to automated customer segmentation.

Approaches For Automated Customer Segmentation

Based On Customer Interaction

How to use Automated Customer Segmentation for higher sales

The first approach to automated customer segments is based on customer interaction. Your businesses may conduct different marketing campaigns such as ads on social media, email marketing, and pop-ups on your eCommerce sites. It would be better if you could utilize automation tools to keep track of customer behaviors and follow their interactions with your activities. Then, you can divide them into groups, including those who are active, quite active, and who do not like to interact. This customer segmentation approach can help you classify customers to deliver advertisements and marketing campaigns.

Based On Customer Status

How to use Automated Customer Segmentation for higher sales

The next approach is related to the customer lifetime, which we will rely on the customer status to categorize. The groups will include new customers, promising, needing attention,  potential loyalists, and so on. The group’s name will help you identify the customer’s status and devise effective approaches to serve them.

Based On Personal Information

How to use Automated Customer Segmentation for higher sales

Personal information is also a crucial part of identifying customer segmentation. A clear understanding of the customer budget will help you suggest affordable items and get a higher conversion rate. Moreover, the information about the customer’s ages and occupations also allow you to classify them into the age group or job group to recommend fitted products. 

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Based On Location And Industry

How to use Automated Customer Segmentation for higher sales

The e-commerce businesses also tailor their approaches according to the industry. The messages with industrial terms and specialized words can help the customer feel trusted and have more possibilities to place orders. Moreover, you can group customers according to their location and regions to customize the messages with the social norms and other cultural elements.

Based On Customer Taste And Preferences

How to use Automated Customer Segmentation for higher sales

This is considered one of the most important ways to automate customer segmentation. To categorize the customers based on their tastes and preferences, e-commerce stores need to equip tools to track customer behaviors and summarize information about what they viewed, what they abandoned, why they abandoned carts, etc. This approach can help you have a detailed observation of your customers’ tastes, so you may find it easier to take action and make them satisfied when shopping in your eCommerce stores. One of the powerful tools you can take advantage of is Atom8, which runs on BigCommerce and Shopify platforms and can classify customers based on behaviors. Lifetime spends, tastes, and so on.


We have suggested some measures to help you go smoothly on automated customer segmentation. We hope you adopt those effectively, get higher sales and satisfy your valuable customers.

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