BigCommerce Shipping & Handling Made Easy

BigCommerce Shipping & Handling Made Easy

Customers today expect fast and reliable shipping, and any inefficiencies in this area can lead to lost sales and dissatisfied customers. This article explores the significance of streamlined shipping and handling processes for e-commerce businesses, focusing on the robust features offered by BigCommerce to make this crucial aspect of online selling a breeze.

BigCommerce Shipping and Handling Features

BigCommerce offers a robust set of Shipping and Handling Features that play a pivotal role in optimizing the shipping processes for e-commerce businesses. One of the standout features is the ability to define Flexible Shipping Zones based on geographical regions. This functionality empowers merchants to tailor their shipping options to specific areas, ensuring customers receive accurate shipping rates and estimated delivery times.

Imagine a scenario where an online store wants to offer different shipping methods and rates for customers in other countries or states. BigCommerce makes this process seamless by allowing merchants to set up shipping zones based on individual countries, regions, or even specific zip codes. This level of customization enables businesses to cater to the diverse needs of their customer base, providing a more personalized and satisfactory shopping experience.

Setting Up Shipping Zones and Methods Easily

BigCommerce Shipping & Handling Made Easy

One of the critical aspects of efficient shipping management is defining shipping zones based on geographical regions. BigCommerce offers a straightforward process to set up these zones, allowing merchants to tailor shipping options to specific areas. To begin, merchants can log in to their BigCommerce dashboard and navigate to the Shipping settings. From there, they can easily set up shipping zones by adding countries or regions they wish to serve. 

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The various shipping methods available in BigCommerce

Flat rate

Flat-rate shipping is a popular method for online sellers as it simplifies shipping and offers consistent customer rates regardless of location. With BigCommerce, merchants can easily configure flat-rate shipping options for each shipping zone, streamlining the checkout process for customers and reducing the likelihood of cart abandonment.

Real-time carrier rates

BigCommerce Shipping & Handling Made Easy

For businesses that want to offer real-time shipping rates from popular carriers like UPS, FedEx, or USPS, BigCommerce provides seamless integration. The platform allows merchants to connect their accounts with these carriers and automatically fetch real-time shipping rates based on the customer’s location and order details. This feature ensures accurate shipping costs and saves merchants from manually calculating rates for each order.

Free shipping

Free shipping is an effective strategy to attract customers and increase conversion rates. BigCommerce allows merchants to set up free shipping rules based on various criteria, such as order value, specific products, or customer groups. By providing this incentive, businesses can improve customer loyalty and drive more sales.


Mastering the art of efficient shipping and handling processes is a crucial factor in the success of any e-commerce business. Embrace these user-friendly tools and BackOrder – the only BigCommerce backorder application – to unlock greater efficiency and success in your online ventures. For more information or to get started with enhancing your BigCommerce shipping and handling experience, don’t hesitate to contact us


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