Top 5 product recommendation apps for BigCommerce stores

product recommendation apps

Product recommendation is one of the essential approaches to boost your revenues and improve the customers shopping experience. This method does not only help the customers find their favorite products quickly but also increase your total revenues. However, it is quite challenging to recommend the best-matched without supportive tools.  Therefore, our article today will suggest some product recommendation apps for BigCommerce merchants.

Must-try BigCommerce Product Recommendation Apps For Your Store

GritGlobal Product Recommendation

It would be a mistake if we do not mention the Product recommendation app from GritGlobal. This app runs on flexible recommendation rules which allow you to select certain criteria to form product recommendations including cart items, price and customer behaviors. Then, it can show recommendations for upselling and cross-sell. Also, the sellers can schedule time for the product recommendations rules they have set.

With this app from GritGlobal, you can customize your messages on headlines and descriptions to the customers and set the numbers of items displayed or their order. Another bonus for this app are performance reports to help the sellers evaluate which rules bring them the best results in boosting sales and enhancing customers’ experience.

UNBXD Recommendations

UNBXD recommendation app focuses on product recommendations for returning customers with “Recommend For You” and “Recently View” sections. However, you can use it to recommend for new customers and visitors but in a less personalized way via the “Top Sellers” part. UNBXD allows stores to recommend from the product page, category pages and cart page via some pop-ups such as “More Like These”, “Bought Also Bought”, “Brand Top Sellers” and so on. These are also traditional approaches to upsell and cross-sell. The sellers can edit the design and time for the recommendations too.

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Product Recommendation Quiz

Another BigCommerce product recommendation app is Product Recommendation Quiz, which acts as a salesperson to engage customers and motivate them to buy their favorite products at your store. This app can go along with the customers from browsing products to putting items into shopping carts.  Product Recommendation Quiz is suitable when the customers have too many choices, they can not compare products and make decisions.


Recommerce is a smart app as it runs with the support of a Correlated Cross-Occurrence machine learning algorithm. This BigCommerce product recommendation can help you to upsell and cross-sell in every step of the buying experience including homepage, product page, checkout, thank you page and so on to optimize your revenues. Sellers can use this app to track customers behaviors, generate data, analyze and figure out customers interests and preferences. Then, it will suggest products that are related to customers’ expectations.

Instead of surveys, uses another approach to find out customers’ interests. It pops up some products with “like” and “dislike” buttons and allows customers to click one to express their opinions. Therefore, based on the results, the app can realize which products the customers like to recommend. Also, sellers do not need to run product recommendations manually, this app can run automatically with pre-set recommendation rules and data. Another bonus point is displaying a “Recently view” section in which the customers can review and go back if they want to find items again.


The BigCommerce product recommendation app is a great tool for sellers to run upsell and cross-sell strategies. We hope you can decide the best app for your business and take advantage of it correctly.

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