7 ways to find upsell opportunities for your eCommerce store

upsell opportunities

Upselling is considered a powerful approach to boost your sales and attract more customers to your store. The effectiveness of upselling is not deniable; however, to achieve success from this method, sellers need to find opportunities to take advantage of upselling. Therefore, we are here to suggest some ways to help you catch the chances and upsell your stores.

7 Approaches To Catch Upsell Opportunities

Pay Attention To Interaction 

The modern world opens a lot of chances for the customers to interact with sellers via advertisements, email, online surveys, and so on. The way they interact may show how they pay attention to your products and services. With this, the sellers can realize what they can do with each type of interaction. To have more detailed information from customers’ engagement. For example, you can ask open-ended questions to describe the level of their preferences instead of simply answering yes or no. Moreover, reviews and online discussions about products and services are also reliable sources for the sellers to get more idea of customers experiences.

Take Advantage Of Selling Reports

Selling reports can help you have more information about hot products, customers demands and their purchase history. Then, you can conclude some insights and come up with upsell strategies to boost sales in hot products to meet the demand of customers.

Observe Customer Behaviors

To plan a brilliant upsell strategy, you need to take time to observe customer behaviours. One of the most effective approaches is using a CRM platform. The CRM can help you to track customer behaviors, interpret demographic information, show their interaction and purchase history.

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Communicate With Customers Appropriately

It can not be denied that a marketing campaign can attract a lot of customers and make your products widespread. However, your marketing campaign will become helpless and disturb the customers if it does not bring the useful information which needs customer demands. Therefore, you may need to launch marketing campaigns that contain their favorite products, the information they care about. To do so, you may need to use the data from the CRM platform and your selling reports.

Run Compelling Promotion Programs

Compelling promotion programs are really effective to find upsell opportunities as the customers are easily attracted by the discounts, buy 1 get 1 or free gifts programs. You may need to consider which is the best form of promotion for each product based on your selling reports and current trend.

Engaged Web Content

To find more opportunities to upsell, you can add on your web some special features. For example, creating limited time offers, showing “urgent” notification, “hurry” design, number of stocks left. All of these help to encourage customers to put the products into their shopping cart straightaway. He or she may feel like this is the last chance to buy at good prices and they will not hesitate to place orders.

Run Advertising Campaigns

To take advantage of customer interaction, you may need to run advertising campaigns. The most effective platform to run is on social networks, where the customers can reach your advertisements naturally and they can directly click to access your stores in seconds. Moreover, you can take advantage of email marketing to communicate directly to specific customers with personalized content.

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Utilize Upsell Apps

You may need help from upselling apps to find upsell opportunities for your eCommerce store. Those apps can do some upselling-related tasks such as discount popup with countdown timer, product recommendation, A/B testing, website personalization and so on. Another way is using apps for separate tasks, which is optimal and more powerful. For example, if you use the BigCommerce platform, product recommendation app of GritGlobal can be a wonderful option for you to upsell effortlessly.


To be honest, you do not need to adopt all the approaches above to find upsell opportunities for your stores. You may need to consider and select methods that are the well-matched ones and try to do it appropriately.


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