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Maintaining long-term customer relationships is essential to all eCommerce businesses, especially in the competitive world. Sometimes, the customers tend to neglect your notifications, rarely visit your site, and ignore all the interactions. Thus, you need to find ways to re-engage them if you don’t want to lose them completely. Therefore, today’s article will give you 4 re-engagement email examples that you can apply to get closer to your valuable customers.

4 Customer Re-engagement Email Examples That You Should Never Miss


Duolingo is famous for its re-engagement email campaigns. The way they send the message to customers is simple but attractive and call-to-action. With the short but cohesive headline “We haven’t seen you for a while,” Duolingo expresses the email’s purpose quickly. The customers can easily realize why they receive this email. Duolingo also adds a green mascot logo with a sad face to convince the customers to return. Also, they add an invitation to ask whether the customers want to learn the language with a more substantially-to-action sentence, “Take a 5-minute lesson now”. If the customers want to get back to the app, they can click on the “Get back on track” button to be transferred directly to the app.


If you want to invite the customers to come back to your eCommerce stores, you should give them the motivation to do so. In this case, H&M chose to provide the customers with a coupon of 15% off for the purchase to encourage them to “stay together.” Moreover, this brand also gives them some messages at the end of the re-engagement to highlight its significance as part of H&M customers.


Disney’s re-engagement email exemplifies the “right things at the right time” approach. The re-engagement was sent during the Christmas season, when the customers usually stay at home, listen to Christmas songs and watch Christmas programs. To get these insights, Disney+ sense-engagement emails with recommended film lists. Under each suggested item, Disney+ adds the remarkable “Reactivate Now” button to catch customers’ attention and lead them back to your site in one click.

Blue Apron

Blue Apron takes advantage of the FOMO effect to form their re-engagement emails. Its re-engagement emails add lively, vibrant, colorful, eye-catching, and delicious dishes. The customers could miss out if they still ignore notifications and don’t visit their site in the future. In the email footer, a short message “Come back and cook with us” attract customers back to the site.


Customer re-engagement email plays a vital role in increasing customer lifetime value and ensuring stable business development. We hope these four examples could grant you some ideas to improve customer returning rates and repeat purchase rates.


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