6 Festive Promotion Ideas To Ring In The New Year

new year promotion

The New Year festival is one of the biggest sale seasons in the year that the sellers can boost their revenues and sell all of the stocks before a new year. People tend to go shopping more at the end of the year to prepare for the upcoming festival. This is really a lucrative opportunity for the sellers to launch new year promotion and sell more products.

This article will suggest some effective ideas to help you boost sales in the new year. 

6 Interested New Year Promotion For Your Ecommerce Store

Flash Sale

This is one of the most attractive kinds of promotions that motivate a large number of customers to come to your store and buy a large number of products with really cheap prices and special deals in a short time. Flash sale is really powerful in that it can make your customers pay more attention to your stores and help you gain huge revenues in minutes. 

flash sale

Buy 1 Get 1

Buy 1 Get 1 or 2 is always an impressive promotion ideal from then till now. The customers will find it excited when they buy something and receive something in return without any extra fee. You can make this approach more attractive by giving them related items. For example, you can give them a free bottle of cleaning water whenever they buy a pair of shoes. 


This is a traditional promotion idea that you may apply many times. However, to make this kind of promotion more interested, you may need to carefully calculate, choose suitable products with suitable discount percent. The hottest products may not need a too high discount percent, instead, you should boost sales of fully-stocked items by applying intensive discounts into them. If you use Shopify or Bigcommerce platform, Atom8 can help you to apply discounts to the products and automatically turn them back to the fixed one after-sales day.

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Launch New Products

People tend to find something new for their new year so the appearance of new products will motivate their buying power. You may need to do research based on data or observation to forecast upcoming trends and then choose some new product lines to sell. Moreover, don’t forget to apply discounts or establish special deals for the new product to welcome early birds or reduce the hesitation of trying the new ones.

Run Quote Contests 

When the new year is coming, the people feel more pleased to share their quotes, ideas about the last years or their resolutions of the new year. They tend to post them on social networks that reach a lot of people to visit, react or leave comments. When running quote contests, you can establish your stores’ hashtag and make it viral on the internet world. The winners who possess the hottest posts with the highest number of shares, comments and likes will receive a big voucher and free gifts from your store.

Send New Year Mails

To maintain customer relationships, you should keep in touch with your customers. For instance, sending new year emails with best wishes, familiar messages and related product recommendations will help you get maximum points from the customers. In these modern days, you don’t need to spend too much time sending emails to target segments as Atom8 on BigCommerce and Shopify platforms will help you to do that automatically. 


We hope that you can choose one promotion idea in our lists above or mix them together to form a new year sale promotion strategy for your store with promising profits and revenues!

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