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Consumers are becoming more and more price-sensitive these days. The Internet makes it easier for customers to compare prices between different stores, allowing them to get the products they want at the most reasonable price. That’s why discount programs are essential to raising your brand perception. A survey by RetailMeNot showed that 75% of customers made a purchase they did not intend to because they found a coupon or discount. 

With that being said, businesses should always consider a wise use of discount programs to stay competitive. Yet it is not easy to manage every campaign at a time. Therefore, this article will guide you through ways to automate your discount. 

1. Discount coupon for customer reviews

Customer reviews have a powerful impact on brand awareness. Positive reviews help stimulate trust, generate valued word-of-mouth, thus increasing the sales volumes. It also points out what needs improvement to have a better service. 

Therefore, it is important that businesses gather as much feedback as possible and display the good ones for sales impact. One of the best ways to ask for a customer review is to give them a gift in return. This could be something small as a coupon. 

To do this, you need to prepare an email template in advance in Mailchimp. In the email, add a button, embedded link, or a form. Whatever it is convenient for you to track data. Don’t forget to personalize your message with the customer’s name as it increases the chance that they go along with your request. Finally, save it with a distinctive name to avoid mistakes. 

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TRIGGER: When customer updated

CONDITION: If accept product review & abandoned cart email is equal to True

ACTION: Send an email to the customer via Mailchimp 

atom8 workflow to send a discount code after a review

Besides Mailchimp, you can also use Klaviyo or Sendgrid as long as you integrate it with your BigCommerce store. 

2. Automatic discount for specific customer group

The benefit of a membership program is that it encourages customers to buy more from your store through constant engagement. It allows you to gather more information about customers to build up effective promotion campaigns. 

For example, when a customer spends in your store reaches a certain amount, you might want to offer them some personalized discounts. This makes consumers feel like you care about them individually while incentivizing them to make another purchase. 

TRIGGER: When an order placed

CONDITION: If customers total spending is greater than or equal to $1000

ACTION: Assign customers to the Gold group 

And Send an email to customers via Mailchimp containing a promo code

atom8 workflow to send discount program email to a customer group

3. Discount for minimum order value

Discount programs are intriguing for customers. But offering a discount for orders with too low a value might hinder your profit. Hence the solution is to apply a discount rate for orders within a specific range. Customers then have to add more products to reach this value if they want to get a reduction. On the one hand, it ensures your profitability. On the other hand, customers would be happy that they can buy more items at a cheaper price. 

Besides a discount, free shipping is also a good deal. For example: 

TRIGGER: When order placed

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CONDITION: If the total amount excluding tax is greater than or equal to $30

ACTION: Add a note to ShipStation stating Freeship order

And Send a notification email to internal staff to take care of the order

atom8 workflow to add freeship note

4. Auto-publish and unpublish banners with code

Flash Sale is a great occasion to generate sales. The time restraint makes customers more excited to get the deal. However, it is rather frustrating having to wait until a certain time to publish your discount programs, especially when you launch them regularly. 

The solution is to employ an automation app. In Atom8, you can create a workflow at the Content level. This covers the publication of everything from a blog post, ad banner, to a webpage.  For example, you have created a banner that highlights the discount code but you don’t want to publish it until 4 PM. Then set up a workflow as followed:

TRIGGER BY TIME: Fill in the time you want to publish 

FILTER: Select filter by content

ACTION: Publish ad banner

DELAY: Wait for one hour

ACTION: Unpublish ad banner

atom8 workflow to publish banners with code

Easy discount with Atom8

Atom8 makes it easier than ever to create a discount program targeted at each customer. Besides, the app can help you to: 

  • Auto-categorize orders (based on value, locations, etc)
  • Auto-segment customer (based on demographics, spending, the total number of order, etc)
  • Auto-tag customers on CRM, email marketing, and delivery platforms
  • Auto-generate reports & lists on Google Sheet 
  • Auto-notify of low-stock items, abandoned cart, or high-value orders
  • Auto-detect and halt high-risk orders

We are extending to SHopify and Magento 2 as well. Install the app today and get your work done quickly!

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