Sendgrid Integration: Create a personalized experience for your customers with Atom8

Sendgrid integration Atom8

If you’re an online business owner, you know the value of effective email marketing software. The ability to easily collect and message new and returning customers helps you automate tedious tasks and drive more revenue for your store. It’s also a great way to make a solid first impression and set expectations for your future relationship.

Atom8’s native integration with Sendgrid can ensure your emails are highly targeted, personalized, and automated according to behavioral triggers.

Yes, you heard it right! SendGrid is now available on Atom8. It has never been easier to integrate and scale your BigCommerce store with a transactional and marketing email through a Atom8.

From segmenting customers to a list to sending automated emails following customers’ activities, you will find a vast amount of helpful use cases to be applied for your BigCommerce store.

The benefits of using Sendgrid integration with Atom8

  1. Apply automatically targeted emails for your business, save time and cut down on errors associated with manual tasks
  2. Turn your email marketing platform, BigCommerce store & other tools into one cohesive suite
  3. Use automation to keep prospects engaged with optimal efficiency while you focus on more important work

How does it work on Atom8?

Here are the three top uses of Sendgrid (templates included) you can utilize with Atom8 workflows:

i. Customer segmentation

When a customer has just placed an iPhone X order, auto-add a custom attribute “Apple customers” with Atom8. Then with Sendgrid, send an automated email to thank the customer and offer discounts on related products such as Airpods, iPhone portable chargers, Apple watch, etc.

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Sendgrid Atom8 integration 5

ii. Newsletter subscription

When a customer has subscribed to your newsletter, auto-segment to “Subscribed users” group. Then, automatically send a welcome email via Sendgrid, and the newsletters & deals in the following days based on the premade workflow.

iii. Customer refunds

When a customer has refunded an order, auto-tag “Refund customer” on Sendgrid. Then, send an automated “apology” email to the customer and offer alternatives.

Sendgrid Atom8 integration 6

How do you integrate Sendgrid with Atom8?

Get your Sendgrid account key

Since Sendgrid API Keys are required for the integration, please make sure that you are the admin of the Sendgrid account to generate API Keys.

i. Go to your Sendgrid settings > Click on API keys > Create API Key
Sendgrid Atom8 integration 1

ii. Name the API Key and choose “Full Access” for API Key PermissionsSendgrid Atom8 integration 2

iii. Create & View
Sendgrid Atom8 integration 3

Connect with Atom8

i. Open Atom8 app and go to Setting
ii. Choose Sendgrid to connect
Sendgrid Atom8 integration 5
iii. Paste the API keys from Sendgrid then check its validity
Sendgrid Atom8 integration 4
iv. Click on “Save”

Create Atom8 workflows with automated emails from Sendgrid

i. Triggers for Sendgrid include: Customer created, Order completed, order placed, order fulfilled, order refunded.
ii. Actions for Sendgrid integration include: Send email to customer, tag customer on Sendgrid

Exploit the full potential of Email marketing automation

Atom8’s Sendgrid integration unlocks the power of automation in your engagement with new contacts, helping you to deliver a better, faster, and more personalized customer experience.

Apply Atom8 for your BigCommerce store today.


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