Email Marketing Integration: The key to personalized marketing & timely engagement

Email Marketing Intergration

Email marketing is a powerful tool that allows you to send emails to your contacts, with specific purposes, and drives desired results. Yet, not everybody is able to fully apply it. Email marketing isn’t merely about sending individual email campaigns to subscribers. It’s also about engaging with customers following every activity in the store in a timely manner. And that’s where email marketing integration comes into play.

Email marketing integration is to make use of available platforms to streamline email marketing activities in your businesses. Integration allows marketers to put together more detailed pictures of customers and prospects, segment them into targeted groups and send them more relevant and timely content. All being made with automation. Email marketing won’t seem to be that hard and time-consuming anymore 🙂

In this post, we uncover how implementing email marketing integration can save you time and improve customer relationships and conversions on a large scale.

1. What is Email Marketing integration?

Email marketing integrations are tools or platforms that you can combine within your online store to optimize your email marketing strategy. It all starts with your customers’ behaviors and activities on your store that trigger follow-up actions you want to deliver to them, and integrations will help you do the hard work. For example on BigCommerce, if you have your conventional email marketing strategy integrated with email marketing platforms within your business, you can build up a true and intelligent customer profile. Tying the information together, you could, using marketing automation, change how you message that customer.

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Delivery of hyper-relevant content to subscribers

Integrating with email workflow automation platforms allows you to create a series of automated email campaigns. Your customer’s behavior and data profile trigger these automated email series. With this information, you can break your subscriber list up into different segments and design hyper-relevant emails that will excite your subscriber.

Continuous flows of communication with automation

Timely responses, emails to new subscribers, birthday wishes, and other emails can easily be automated with email marketing integrations. Email workflow management software helps marketers engage customers at every touch-point. They ensure that all your subscribers get the information they need and when they need it.

2. Examples of Email Marketing Integration

Email integrations are the perfect solution to sync your online retail store with your email marketing. Every business can use email campaign workflows in multiple email streams. What type of automation you need for workflows depends on your business context. Below are some examples of reduced manual tasks:

Welcome email

  • Newly created customers: Greet and surprise customers after they’ve registered on your store with a coupon or a discount offer;
  • Guests with first purchase: Thank customers for their first purchase, welcome them to your community, and give them a taste of your charming personality.

Engagement email

  • Recurring purchase: Automatically email customers to purchase other items related to their current purchase after a period of time;
  • Customer loyalty: Automatically tag high-value customers for segmentation and send a personalized thank you message, or apply discounts or specialized shipping rules to customers with email addresses or tags like “Loyalty Member”;
  • Customer tier upgrade: Send emails to customers after they have been upgraded to a new group/customer tier and offer them a special discount to retain this segment;
  • Post-purchase offer: Send a discount code to customers after a configurable number of days after their previous order fulfillment.
  • Frequency rewards: Send automated reward emails to customers if they shop often, based on their total purchased quantities, or total spending;
  • Following up with leads: Entice customers to come back if they haven’t bought since registration based on their lifetime spending, or custom attributes.
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Promotion email

  • Sales promotion notification: Automatically notify customers about a promotion campaign via email concurrently with other marketing platforms when the campaign starts;
  • Last chance updates: Trigger emails to customers about low stock products based on inventory levels.

Transaction notification email

  • Fulfillment: Send them a follow-up email to confirm the order and thank them after customers finish their purchase;
  • Delivery notification: Send an email to the customer to inform them that their order is on the way;
  • Refund notification: Send an email to customers after their order is returned, or wait a period of time after their order is returned.

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3. How to integrate powerful tools with your email marketing strategies

Email service providers such as MailChimp, Klaviyo or SendGrid are becoming more and more popular. Basically, customer data from your store can be synchronized and updated to these platforms by in-house IT developers. Yet Atom8, as an open APIs integration, helps boost your email marketing efficiency without requiring any technical background. Moreover, merchants can automate all unnecessary manual tasks to operate and deploy email marketing campaigns.

email marketing integration

In its purest, simplest form, almost all Atom8’s automation happens through the automated workflow of Trigger – Condition – Action. Workflows can be built and deployed in minutes. Or you can use pre-made workflow templates, both without ever writing a single line of code.

Key takeaways

Email marketing shouldn’t be considered an isolated event but rather part of your broader digital marketing strategy. You just need to decide what will work best for your brand and give some new tactics a shot.

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With so many options available, you’re sure to find something that meshes well with your audience’s interests and the company’s goals.


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