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With the entire current buzz around social media, email is still the most effective medium for driving business today. Multiple reasons make email the main medium of communication between a customer and a business. Individuals like to receive emails from businesses. It may seem counterintuitive, yet it is correct. According to research conducted by MarketingSherpa last year, 72 percent of adults in the United States prefer to interact by text.

The increased labor will only stress upon the resources of the Company. So, we urge you to use customer engagement email automation for eCommerce. Ecommerce platforms require the composition and sending of emails with due diligence.

There are many engagement automation techniques that assist you in maintaining a great reputation in the market. Below we will introduce some of the best examples that would enable you to understand the customer engagement email automation techniques.

Cart Abandonment Emails

The Cart Abandonment Emails are an important part engagement automation technique of the eCommerce platform. This is the email that notifies the buyer about the added items to the cart. Then, the person goes through the half-checkout process. However, the person does not complete the purchasing process. It gives insights to people whom people were attracted towards the cart. This is how business owners can make more efficient and effective decisions regarding the improvement of their business strategies.


The newsletter is another important part and parcel of any eCommerce platform. For adding a newsletter to the eCommerce website, there are few steps that you need to follow. Some of these steps are given below:

  1. Make a section in your online store where people can sign up for newsletters
  2. Install an email marketing app
  3. Setup segments, templates, and schedule emails
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Why should you follow these steps? To automate the task and increase the productivity levels at the Company.

Email marketing providers like Mailchimp, for example, have features to automate newsletters with blog RSS feed, or even personalized product recommendations.

Birthday and Other Special Events

An eCommerce platform should consider rewarding special and loyal customers on special events such as Birthdays. You can start rewarding customer loyalty by offering a one-of-a-kind birthday deal. By recognizing regular consumers with a timely birthday incentive or discount, you remind customers about your presence and value in their life. So, automate the birthday and other special events emails. So that they are always sent at the right time.

If you have a BigCommerce store, check out our guide to set up automated birthday emails.

Reminder Emails

There is also reminder emails available on the eCommerce platform. You can use these reminder emails for performing tasks at the appropriate time. For instance, you can use the reminder emails for performing various important tasks such as payment emails, appointment emails, and renewal emails.

Rewards & offers

Ecommerce platform has multiple rewards and offers programs that make customers more loyal. These programs have been specially constituted so as to create personalized bonus programs. So, automate the rewards and offers.


These are some of the top engagement automation techniques that will help you in organizing your efforts. Use all of these techniques for maintaining a good reputation in the market.


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