How To Shorten B2B Ordering Process

b2b ordering

The complicated B2B order process will make customers hesitate to visit your online store and place orders. Seriously, the too-sophisticated order process also causes sky-high cart abandonment and customer churn rate. Therefore, it is really important to simplify the B2B ordering process to enhance customer satisfaction as well as boost your sales and revenues. Tips To Make B2B Ordering Process Easier Take Advantage Of Quick Order Tools To shorten B2B ordering process, quick order tools are the most robust equipment to improve the speed. You may be surprised about what those tools can do for your store. Quick order applications allow your customer to find their expected products by entering keywords, product names or uploading CSV files. Moreover, customers can adjust the products displayed by adding features and setting the maximum number of products for conveniently searching. Also, they can put multiple products in their cart and place orders within minutes. Additionally, thanks to the cutting-edge invention, the customers also take advantage of quick order tools to save their product lists for further buying without searching for those products again.  Allow Bulk Orders As you know, B2B transactions include big values orders that contain a huge quantity of products. So it is inconvenient for the customer to search manually and put hundreds of products into their shopping carts. The appearance of bulk order function in some automatic applications can rescue the customers from the complicated B2B ordering process. With this function, the customers only need to set the number of products instead of collecting them manually. Meanwhile, you can set the maximum number of products to exactly manage the inventory and avoid out-of-stock because of mass orders. Optimize Product Page Product page is a website place where the customers find and select their well-matched products with the product images and descriptions. You may need to pay attention to showing products information that attracts customers at a glance. Moreover, the content should show the products’ most remarkable features. This helps the customer differentiate among various items on your product page without being overwhelmed by too much unnecessary information. Also, the product page needs to have necessary functions such as chatbot or other supportive features during customers’ buying process.  Diversify Payment Methods The customers may feel hesitant to access B2B ordering process if the store has only limited payment methods. For example, if the customers have selected the favorite items. But when coming to the final steps, they can not find their appropriate payment method so all the efforts are wasted. The sellers should allow customers to pay their order by various methods, especially the most common ones such as PayPal, VISA cards, and so on with high-protected security, smooth manipulation, and minimum numbers of bugs. A common aspect of wholesale is the distributors will pay later, either on account, or split payment. Therefore B2B businesses need to manage invoices effectively. If you have a Magento website, then the Magento B2B Platform is a must have. It allows purchaser to place quick orders, ask for quotes, and negotiate quickly. Discover more here: Conclusion Shortening B2B ordering process plays a vital role in boosting sales and revenues of eCommerce selling activities. With our suggestions, we hope that you can simplify your process and make it easier for the customers to access and place orders.

5 proven hacks for better b2b customer relationship management

b2b customer relationship management

The great B2B customer relationship management will help the business runners maintain customer satisfaction as well as keep the ideal quantity of buyers over the period. However, this process is not really simple as it needs some actions to meet both the customers’ demands and desires. If you do not understand your customers, managing this relationship is truly daydreaming. Our article today will give you five strategic ways to hack your B2B customer relationship management.  5 Strategics Ways To Great B2B Customer Relationship Management Keep In Touch With Your Customers To keep in touch with your customers, perhaps you need to take advantage of email marketing to notify them of your upcoming campaigns, your new line of products and product recommendations. However, a lot of sellers make mistakes in sending irrelevant and helpless emails that disturb the customers. To avoid those mistakes, you need to group customers in suitable groups and discover each group’s demands to make plans for sending needed information. Also, you may need to utilize some automatic application to send out emails to target segments.  Enhance Customer Care Maintaining a B2B customer relationship needs you to accompany the customers through their shopping experience. You may need to suggest popup products that are well-matched with customers’ demands. Or you should support them whenever they need them during their buying process. You may try to set a chatbot on your website with transparent answers for frequent issues that the buyer may face. Moreover, thoughtful return policies, clear terms, and conditions for selling and buying should be established. Not only these will protect customers’ rights, but they might also help avoid misunderstanding.  Emphasize Loyalty Programs To enhance B2B customer relationship management, you may need to increase their post purchases with special deals for old customers and compelling membership programs. Frequently doing the survey to collect feedback will give more ideas to improve your products and services. Hearing from customers also ensures you can stick to their expectations. Moreover, the programs such as pre-Back Friday or deals for early birds should be notified to the old customers before the events.  Improve Your Products And Services Your products and services are the key elements to B2B customer relationship management. They are the crucial motivation for the customers to visit your store again and again. Using tools to track the customers’ behaviors, exporting data into a spreadsheet and analyzing it will help you identify the customers’ tastes as well as upcoming trends, which are fundamentals for you to advance your stores.  Upgrade Their Shopping Experience It is clear that all the buying activities take place on your website. That’s why upgrading your websites is truly vital for giving the customers a great shopping experience. You may need to invest in your website quality to ensure the high loading speed, reduce bugs and protect the information. Moreover, you may need to take advantage of the automatic applications to automate the order fulfillment stage. Trying to simplify it can help both your team and customers avoid troubles.  Conclusion B2B customer relationship management is the combination of various methods to boost customers satisfaction and enhance your business activities. Our recommendations are all the most practical approaches that you need to invest in. We hope you can use them to get high results in B2B customer relationship management.

How to build the best online wholesale store

online wholesale

It cannot be denied that all the eCommerce wholesalers rely on their online stores to earn profits as well as develop their selling activities. That’s why building and upgrading the online wholesale stores is really crucial to maintain the good performance of the wholesale businesses. Our article today will show you how to build the best online wholesale store step-by-step with practical approaches and easy-to-understand guides.  Approaches To Develop Robust Online Wholesale Store Set Your Account You may have different pricing plans for the retailers, who are not final customers, who come and place bulk orders at your stores, so you need to differentiate them among final customers. Here, you can set your stores’ password via an eCommerce platform administrations to allow only the retailers can come and buy special treats or lower prices and the final customers can buy a fixed price as normal. The sellers can set certain kinds of products with discounted prices for the retailers with the protection of passwords. Moreover, if you require more high-protected passwords, you may add on some password setting apps to your online wholesale store from the app marketplace.  Establish Your StoreFront If you currently possess a store that serves only separate customers and you want to expand to wholesale, you may need to build a different store with another URL. Another way for you to establish your online wholesale store is by upgrading your current stores with robust facilities and additional features, including a password setting function. The stores can run separately among customer groups (retailers or final customers) including customizing prices, processing selling reports and so on.  Build Online Wholesale Channel Surprisingly, you can totally build an online wholesale channel on your current online store. You may need to add on some applications and tools as assistance to add some necessary “wholesale” features without upgrading the whole store into a more powerful version. You also can divide your customers into different tiers with different discounted prices as well as selling policies and secure passwords for wholesale customers too.  Form Wholesale Payment Methods As the online wholesale stores usually deal with high-valued orders and huge quantities of products for each order, the appropriate payment methods will make the ordering process easier for customers. If you serve various customer types, you may need an application to make the payment methods flexible for each customer, including account, credit assignment and split payment. Some applications also help you to manage invoices, record selling history and automate refunds when having requests. Add Additional Features Building online wholesale stores with essential features may not be enough for you to get expected achievements in wholesaling so you need some more advanced functions to develop the best eCommerce store. For example, you may need a quote-generating feature, automation to speed up your workflows and increase productivity or partner relationship management tools to maintain valuable cooperation during your wholesaling activities.  Conclusion You may encounter some challenges and mistakes when starting an online store but if you can adapt appropriately to our suggestions, you may get success very soon.

Strategies to supercharge Magento 2 store sales

magento 2 store

Witnessing the low productivity, and under-expected revenue on your Magento causes your headaches. To rescue your store from this situation, you may need some approaches to strengthen your Magento 2 store sales. Also, you may wonder whether there are any solutions which can work well in your store’s situation. We have researched and collected the most effective tips to empower your Magento 2 store sales in this article.  Tips To Empower Magento 2 store sales Product Recommendation Product recommendation may be the traditional approach that a lot of stores apply this method into their Magento sales-boosting programs. However, the common mistake here is over-advertising and unrelated product recommendations. To improve the effectiveness of this approach as well as improve your customer’s experience, you may need to group customers into suitable segments based on their data and behaviors. Then, you can identify which products the customers need and suggest them appropriately.  Promotion Programs Promotion programs play important roles in empowering Magento 2 stores sales that they motivate the customers to buy more products with affordable prices and special deals. The common promotion programs that impress a large number of customers are flash sales, percent discount, buy 1 get 1, or free gifts. You can use some automation application like Atom8 to apply discounts to selected or all the products and then automatically turn back to the normal ones after the sales days.  Cart Abandonment Reduction Cart abandonment rate expresses the level of customer satisfaction when shopping on your Magento 2 store. The high cart abandonment rate may be caused by various factors. These include difficulties in finding the expected products, the complicated order fulfillment process, or limited payment methods. To reduce cart abandonment as well as boost your Magento 2 sales, you need to take advantage of some tech-stack. For example, quick order extensions, payment extensions, or automatic applications to your Magento 2 stores.  Customer Engagement Customer engagement is always a strategic approach to supercharge Magento 2 store sales. To enhance customer engagement, you need to pay attention to customer service.  While the staff can not stay online 24/7 to support all the problems the customers confront it is necessary to equip a chatbot on your Magento 2 store with straightforward answers for common questions. Furthermore, there should be a box on your website where the customers can leave their emails for further supports. Moreover, a feedback form or survey is essential to collect customers’ ideas about your products and services.  Customer Relationship Maintenance To nurture the customer relationship, you may need a really compelling membership program that motivates your customers to buy more products and thus you boost your Magento 2 store sales. Moreover, annual contact with old customers and asking them about their shopping experience is also a way to upgrade your service and boost customer loyalty. Selling B2B Going wholesale is another option to sell more products. B2B orders are complicated, requiring a high level of customization and relationship management. Therefore, you will need the help of technology to integrate smoothly. GritGlobal’s Magento B2B platform will be an excellent solution for this strategy. Since it allows flexible account settings and ordering processes. Check it out here: Conclusion With our suggestions above, have you decided on your own strategies to supercharge Magento 2 store sales? We hope to see your achievements in the nearest future!

6 Festive Promotion Ideas To Ring In The New Year

new year promotion

The New Year festival is one of the biggest sale seasons in the year that the sellers can boost their revenues and sell all of the stocks before a new year. People tend to go shopping more at the end of the year to prepare for the upcoming festival. This is really a lucrative opportunity for the sellers to launch new year promotion and sell more products. This article will suggest some effective ideas to help you boost sales in the new year.  6 Interested New Year Promotion For Your Ecommerce Store Flash Sale This is one of the most attractive kinds of promotions that motivate a large number of customers to come to your store and buy a large number of products with really cheap prices and special deals in a short time. Flash sale is really powerful in that it can make your customers pay more attention to your stores and help you gain huge revenues in minutes.  Buy 1 Get 1 Buy 1 Get 1 or 2 is always an impressive promotion ideal from then till now. The customers will find it excited when they buy something and receive something in return without any extra fee. You can make this approach more attractive by giving them related items. For example, you can give them a free bottle of cleaning water whenever they buy a pair of shoes.  Discount This is a traditional promotion idea that you may apply many times. However, to make this kind of promotion more interested, you may need to carefully calculate, choose suitable products with suitable discount percent. The hottest products may not need a too high discount percent, instead, you should boost sales of fully-stocked items by applying intensive discounts into them. If you use Shopify or Bigcommerce platform, Atom8 can help you to apply discounts to the products and automatically turn them back to the fixed one after-sales day. Find out more about Atom8 here: Launch New Products People tend to find something new for their new year so the appearance of new products will motivate their buying power. You may need to do research based on data or observation to forecast upcoming trends and then choose some new product lines to sell. Moreover, don’t forget to apply discounts or establish special deals for the new product to welcome early birds or reduce the hesitation of trying the new ones. Run Quote Contests  When the new year is coming, the people feel more pleased to share their quotes, ideas about the last years or their resolutions of the new year. They tend to post them on social networks that reach a lot of people to visit, react or leave comments. When running quote contests, you can establish your stores’ hashtag and make it viral on the internet world. The winners who possess the hottest posts with the highest number of shares, comments and likes will receive a big voucher and free gifts from your store. Send New Year Mails To maintain customer relationships, you should keep in touch with your customers. For instance, sending new year emails with best wishes, familiar messages and related product recommendations will help you get maximum points from the customers. In these modern days, you don’t need to spend too much time sending emails to target segments as Atom8 on BigCommerce and Shopify platforms will help you to do that automatically.  Conclusion We hope that you can choose one promotion idea in our lists above or mix them together to form a new year sale promotion strategy for your store with promising profits and revenues!

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