How to build the best online wholesale store

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It cannot be denied that all the eCommerce wholesalers rely on their online stores to earn profits as well as develop their selling activities. That’s why building and upgrading the online wholesale stores is really crucial to maintain the good performance of the wholesale businesses.
Our article today will show you how to build the best online wholesale store step-by-step with practical approaches and easy-to-understand guides. 

Approaches To Develop Robust Online Wholesale Store

Set Your Account

You may have different pricing plans for the retailers, who are not final customers, who come and place bulk orders at your stores, so you need to differentiate them among final customers. Here, you can set your stores’ password via an eCommerce platform administrations to allow only the retailers can come and buy special treats or lower prices and the final customers can buy a fixed price as normal. The sellers can set certain kinds of products with discounted prices for the retailers with the protection of passwords. Moreover, if you require more high-protected passwords, you may add on some password setting apps to your online wholesale store from the app marketplace. 

Establish Your StoreFront

If you currently possess a store that serves only separate customers and you want to expand to wholesale, you may need to build a different store with another URL. Another way for you to establish your online wholesale store is by upgrading your current stores with robust facilities and additional features, including a password setting function. The stores can run separately among customer groups (retailers or final customers) including customizing prices, processing selling reports and so on. 

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Build Online Wholesale Channel

Surprisingly, you can totally build an online wholesale channel on your current online store. You may need to add on some applications and tools as assistance to add some necessary “wholesale” features without upgrading the whole store into a more powerful version. You also can divide your customers into different tiers with different discounted prices as well as selling policies and secure passwords for wholesale customers too. 

Form Wholesale Payment Methods

As the online wholesale stores usually deal with high-valued orders and huge quantities of products for each order, the appropriate payment methods will make the ordering process easier for customers. If you serve various customer types, you may need an application to make the payment methods flexible for each customer, including account, credit assignment and split payment. Some applications also help you to manage invoices, record selling history and automate refunds when having requests.

Add Additional Features

Building online wholesale stores with essential features may not be enough for you to get expected achievements in wholesaling so you need some more advanced functions to develop the best eCommerce store. For example, you may need a quote-generating feature, automation to speed up your workflows and increase productivity or partner relationship management tools to maintain valuable cooperation during your wholesaling activities. 


You may encounter some challenges and mistakes when starting an online store but if you can adapt appropriately to our suggestions, you may get success very soon.


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