Ultimate Guide To BigCommerce Multi-store

BigCommerce is trusted by many entrepreneurs to host their web store. Sometimes, a business needs more than one web shop to display its products. Basically, you need a system that allows for managing two or more stores from the same backend. Though it is not possible in BigCommerce alone, you can run on a multi-store setting by using BigCommerce for WordPress plug-in.

Benefits of BigCommerce multi-store 

Improve customer experience

Most customers don’t go to your store to wander. They often know what they want to buy and are trying to compare prices and properties between providers. Therefore, it’s recommended to make your site as easily navigated as possible. The more steps there are between browsing through categories and making a purchase, the more likely they will give up before reaching your products. 

A BigCommerce multi-store setup shortens the path between finding and purchasing. It ensures that your products are presented whenever someone is searching for them. While it increases customer satisfaction by saving time, it also makes a huge difference to your business performance. 

Custom store for different regions

Customers prefer localized stores more than a one-size-fits-all copy. You can customize the look of each store differently to appeal to customers in that region. Local preferences will make you stand out from the competition and convince customers that you are the right choice for them. 

Having multiple stores is particularly useful when you’re selling in many countries. It is easier to change language and currency based on the geolocation of the visitor. 

Improve SEO

Search is the number source of traffic, outnumbering social media by 300%. That’s why search engine optimization (SEO) is always an indispensable part of a successful marketing strategy. The higher your rank on the visitors you receive. There are many factors determining your position on the SERPs. 

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The BigCommerce multi-store setting can lower the bounce rate, as it increases the chance that customers find a suitable product on one of your websites. Furthermore, it adds value to your link building. Search engine algorithms highly regard sites that are linked to your pages, so you want to link as many sites as possible. With many stores, you can use your own websites for this purpose. 

Set up multiple stores with BigCommerce for WordPress

The benefits of multi-store operating are rather obvious. So to use BigCommerce for WordPress plugin, you need to fulfill these criteria:

  • A WordPress site
  • The free BigCommerce for WordPress plugin installed on your site 
  • Multiple BigCommerce stores 
  • Each store must have its shipping, payment, and tax settings installed so that customers can check out
  • Each store must have the “Optimized One-Page Checkout” setting enabled
  • The WordPress permalink setting is set to either “Plain” or “Default”

How to activate the BigCommerce multi-store setting?

1. Log in to your BigCommerce store and go to Advanced settings

2. Select API accounts

3. Select Create API account

4. Fill in your API account. In the “OAuth Scopes” settings, select “none” for “Checkout Content” and “login” for “Customers Login”. For the rest of the settings, select “modify” for the rest of the settings. And “Save”. 

5. A pop-up window will open showing the Client ID, Client Secret, and Access Token that you’ll need for WordPress. This information will also be compressed into a .txt file that is automatically downloaded to your computer. 

6. Log in to your WordPress account and select “BigCommerce”. Then, select “Enter your API credentials”. 

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7. Fill in the “Base API Path”, “Client ID”, “Client Secret”, and “Access Token”.

Then, click on “Connect Using API Credentials” to connect the BigCommerce store to your WordPress site. Repeat the process to add other stores. 

Expand your online presence and increase revenue

All in all, any business with a large catalog should create multiple stores to display its products. This method will improve customer experience and provides you with better sales opportunities. 


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