Create “Most popular products” category

Automatically add top-selling products to a specific category.


When you have some top-selling products, you’ll want to change those products’ categories to “Most popular products” so that you can utilize the appropriate promotional campaigns for them. Now you no longer have to do that time-consuming task manually as Atom8 has covered for you. Create "Most popular products" category

Create "Most popular products" category

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Product inventory changed

When you choose this trigger in Atom8, your workflow will start running with any change in product inventory. Then, you make all kinds of auto-edits to products.

Total sold

A condition in Atom8 for triggers associated with products. By the same token, conditions help to filter elements chosen in the trigger. Moreover, the number of items sold clearly shows popularity of a product.

Add product to categories

When you choose this action, Atom8 will add filtered products to a pre-created category. There are countless ways to utilize this action and product information to reduce manual edits.