Follow Up with Leads After an Order is Placed

Send personalized emails (or any other follow-up emails) to your customers when a transaction occurs via email marketing tools (MailChimp/SendGrid/Klaviyo). By humanizing the relationship between your business and your clients, you will gain customer engagement that results in excellent brand loyalty.

Segment Customers Based on Total Amount Created

You’re 3 times more likely to convert existing customers if you have proper loyalty programs. So, how do you create one? In this workflow, when a customer has just placed an order, and the total spending has exceeded a specified number, Atom8 immediately puts them into the loyalty group and engages with them via email […]

Notify Team Members When Product is out of stock

When a product has low stock or is out of stock, you’ll want to change the product availability status on your storefront, send notification emails to Purchasing Team so that they can re-order with vendors, and to Marketing Team so that they can promote the product on the online store or stop ads to optimize […]

Auto-Publish & Switch Banners on Website

Promoting multiple sales campaigns on a website can be quite a challenging task. This workflow allows you to automatically & continuously publish & switch banners on a pre-scheduled basis, saving a lot of time & effort invested in manual tasks.

Change Product Availability Based on Inventory Level

When you have a best-seller, and it runs out of stock, you’ll want to change this product’s status to pre-order. By doing so, you can have some time to arrange the stock while not wasting demand for it. Meanwhile, stakeholders such as the Marketing team are supposed to get notifications to work on marketing campaigns, […]

Auto-apply Discounts when Launching a Product

On launching a product, you will want to apply discounts, change the product’s category, and send emails to notify your marketing team to schedule marketing campaigns. Now, Atom8 can automatically cover all these time-consuming tasks on a pre-scheduled basis, saving you a lot of time & effort. You can also set a delay to turn […]

Segment & Engage with Newly Created Customers

When your business offers products to many types of customers, you’ll want to classify them as newly created shoppers immediately after signing up on your store; furthermore, sending customized emails to each group via MailChimp as a first engagement. Later, you wish to migrate these customers to the regular customer segment to align corresponding marketing […]

Auto-publish Blog Articles to Your Website

Regarding a sales & promotional campaign, you will want to schedule publishing blog posts to your stores. Now, Atom8 can execute all these manual tasks on a pre-scheduled basis, saving a lot of time & effort invested in manual tasks.

Auto-add Featured Products Based on Product Attributes

Featured products are a great way to educate and incentivize customers to buy limited or special items. With Atom8, you can automatically add a Featured Product based on various factors. Stores have successfully featured items using product attributes, including Pricing, Orders Created, or Inventory Levels.

Apply discounts on multiple products

During sales seasons, you’ll want to apply discounts for specific categories. It won’t be exhausting if you do not have so many SKUs in stock; if you do, it will consume considerable resources. You can eliminate these time-consuming tasks with one simple, easy-to-set-up workflow on Atom8.

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