RaceFX: Accelerating B2B Sales with BackOrder

With BackOrder functionality, customers [...] can place their orders regardless of current stock levels, with the added assurance that their products have been reserved.



Clutching Revenue From the Jaws of Defeat

RaceFX is a leading motorcycle parts and accessories distributor in the UK. Their B2B site represents products from over 40 motorcycle accessory brands. As RaceFX’s eCommerce Coordinator, Lee Nickson understands better than anyone how running this large-scale eCommerce business can quickly become exhausting. “The majority of our products are replenished regularly, but if we were awaiting delivery, these products would be simply labeled as “currently unavailable,” Lee explained.

RaceFX risks losing out on potential sales and partnerships without a clear indication for restocking or pre-orders. Especially for B2B orders where restocking could take weeks, every missed shopping cart is detrimental to future business growth.

Our Business-to-Business site has allowed us to maintain healthy business relationships with a range of other companies for many years.
This loyalty has resulted in continuous growth and enhanced our site, which in turn, has allowed our audience to grow.

Lee and the RaceFX team needed a solution to scale inventory and meet rising sales demand. Then, the RaceFX team found BackOrder – BigCommerce’s only backorder application.

Using BackOrder, the RaceFX team enables customers to continue purchases even when items are out-of-stock. RaceFX’s B2B customers no longer turn to their competitors when faced with limited availability, which helps RaceFX secure more sales and improve buyers’ shopping experience.

Managing stock has become easier, as we don't have to worry about keeping track of incoming stock, waiting for the data to be created, and then loading it into the B2B. The BackOrder function has been a financial success, becoming a profitable investment after only 5 working days. Since the implementation in early November, over 500 items have been backordered, amassing over £10,000 for the business

BackOrder's Proven Track Records

Unlike other inventory management software, BackOrder provides the RaceFX team with an intuitive visual dashboard that tracks total back-ordered items over time. Scalability is no longer an issue; Lee was able to assign “around 10,000 SKUs to the app in around two hours.” BackOrder’s ROI became apparent to the RaceFX team in less than a week.

As the motorcycle accessory business expands, Lee predicts BackOrder’s effectiveness will only continue to grow. Moreover, as buyers become more accustomed to the BackOrder functionality, RaceFX can establish new and stronger customer relationships. Lee and his team now spend less time worrying over inventory and more time developing a solid and trustworthy B2B store.

500+ BackOrdered Items

With hundreds of items flying off empty shelves, RaceFX has rescued thousands of lost revenue using BackOrder.

+10,000 SKUs Assigned

Only with 2 hours of setup, RaceFX has saved countless time and resources on manual inventory management.

BackOrder and RaceFX - Refueling B2B Commerce

The result of implementing BackOrder speaks for itself. RaceFX’s core value is to build a “flexible and determined work environment” where every employee contributes to the company’s goals. Before, Lee and his team were occupied with repetitive inventory management. Now, with BackOrder running like a two-stroke engine in the background, RaceFX can focus on becoming the best distributor for motorcycle riders in the UK.

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