Strategies to supercharge Magento 2 store sales

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Witnessing the low productivity, and under-expected revenue on your Magento causes your headaches. To rescue your store from this situation, you may need some approaches to strengthen your Magento 2 store sales. Also, you may wonder whether there are any solutions which can work well in your store’s situation.

We have researched and collected the most effective tips to empower your Magento 2 store sales in this article. 

Tips To Empower Magento 2 store sales

Product Recommendation

Product recommendation may be the traditional approach that a lot of stores apply this method into their Magento sales-boosting programs. However, the common mistake here is over-advertising and unrelated product recommendations. To improve the effectiveness of this approach as well as improve your customer’s experience, you may need to group customers into suitable segments based on their data and behaviors. Then, you can identify which products the customers need and suggest them appropriately. 

Promotion Programs

Promotion programs play important roles in empowering Magento 2 stores sales that they motivate the customers to buy more products with affordable prices and special deals. The common promotion programs that impress a large number of customers are flash sales, percent discount, buy 1 get 1, or free gifts. You can use some automation application like Atom8 to apply discounts to selected or all the products and then automatically turn back to the normal ones after the sales days. 

Cart Abandonment Reduction

Cart abandonment rate expresses the level of customer satisfaction when shopping on your Magento 2 store. The high cart abandonment rate may be caused by various factors. These include difficulties in finding the expected products, the complicated order fulfillment process, or limited payment methods. To reduce cart abandonment as well as boost your Magento 2 sales, you need to take advantage of some tech-stack. For example, quick order extensions, payment extensions, or automatic applications to your Magento 2 stores. 

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Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is always a strategic approach to supercharge Magento 2 store sales. To enhance customer engagement, you need to pay attention to customer service.  While the staff can not stay online 24/7 to support all the problems the customers confront it is necessary to equip a chatbot on your Magento 2 store with straightforward answers for common questions. Furthermore, there should be a box on your website where the customers can leave their emails for further supports. Moreover, a feedback form or survey is essential to collect customers’ ideas about your products and services. 

Customer Relationship Maintenance

To nurture the customer relationship, you may need a really compelling membership program that motivates your customers to buy more products and thus you boost your Magento 2 store sales. Moreover, annual contact with old customers and asking them about their shopping experience is also a way to upgrade your service and boost customer loyalty.

Selling B2B

Going wholesale is another option to sell more products. B2B orders are complicated, requiring a high level of customization and relationship management. Therefore, you will need the help of technology to integrate smoothly.

GritGlobal’s Magento B2B platform will be an excellent solution for this strategy. Since it allows flexible account settings and ordering processes. Check it out here:

internal CTA b2b


With our suggestions above, have you decided on your own strategies to supercharge Magento 2 store sales? We hope to see your achievements in the nearest future!

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