Best eCommerce Customer Acquisition Strategies

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eCommerce customer acquisition is the use of a bunch of techniques, including SEO, SEM, email marketing, PR, and so on, to attract customers to your store.

Our life has changed tremendously in the last two years due to COVID-19. Because of the lockdown and quarantine, people relied heavily on eCommerce for their shopping. More than $861.12 billion was spent on online shopping in 2020 alone, an increase of 44% compared to the previous year. This was also the highest growth in the eCommerce sector in the last two decades. However, it made the competition even fiercer among millions of sellers.

This article will discuss 5 effective eCommerce customer acquisition strategies to grow your business. 

Track channel performance and cost  

Every new customer comes with a different cost. The cost will be calculated based on the marketing effort that is put into acquiring them. Meanwhile, tracking the cost and performance is very crucial for every business. Tools like Shopify reports or Google Analytics provide a closer look into customer acquisition costs. You can try out multiple acquisition methods and identify the most effective and cost-efficient for your store. 

Analyze customer behavior and narrow target audience-

Targeting the right audience is very important. Otherwise, you risk spending money on people that have no interest in your business at all. A description of your customer should include their demographics, behaviour, and demands. You should also pay attention to retaining customers. Be in touch with the audience, and constantly reinforce your service or product offers. Make your communication and promotion strong.

Invest in SEO

Customers often use Google to learn about a new product or service before buying. That is the main reason why SEO really matters. While you are creating website content for your website, it helps to present on Google My Business as well. Investing in SEO helps raise your website ranking in order to grab more and more traffic. 

Personalized product recommendation 

You can’t apply a single strategy for every product. A least group them according to their function or customer demands and design different strategies for different categories. Product recommendations should be personalized. This makes your offer more relevant to the customers, thus raising the chances of them buying from our store. 

Drip and cart abandonment email campaigns

A cart abandoned reminder campaign allows you to get back all the lost sales attempts. There are many reasons why people left without placing an order. Either it’s a technical issue or a personal matter, merchants should be able to work on it immediately. This helps strengthen the relationship with your customers, increase revenue and build a loyalty network. 


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