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BigCommerce merchants!

Do you have a campaign with a tight promotional schedule for the upcoming peak seasons?

We really know that managing an eCommerce store really takes a lot of time and effort (approximately 50% working time spent on manual tasks), even money to hire staff to achieve the highest efficiency. This becomes even more dramatic during peak seasons. But this article will show you how to schedule a whole promotional schedule, which takes as little effort as possible and still delivers accuracy and efficiency. This article will guide you on how to use Atom8 – an automation tool that allows merchants to schedule workflows that can run at any time.

All you need to do is just read this article and refer to our guide. Let’s take a look!

How to schedule a whole promotional campaign on your BigCommerce store

1. Plan your campaign

For a successful campaign, we need to have a preliminary and specific outline. You must build and execute well-researched campaign strategies in order to successfully promote items.

Then, how will you organize this campaign?

Considering any of the promotional factors: discount code, voucher, sales prices, etc. Which of your products will be discounted, and how many discount products are you planning to launch? It’s crucial to set a timeframe for the marketing campaign while planning.

2. Publish banner ads

Surely you will want your products to show up prominently in your store. Banner ads are a great way to show coupon codes, promos. So, what you need to do is to design eye-catching and attractive banner ads. The content of these ads should include the promotional price, the release, end time, and some product features (if any). In addition, keep it simple, and it should include the CTA button for better effectiveness.

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Atom8 has a template for you to create banner ads and set releasing time:

3. Send email and messages to customers

Emails are very important in letting customers know about your upcoming promotion. It helps merchants reach out to potential customers as well as increase traffic and sales. Let them know that your product is on sale, they will come to buy. Keep the email simple, easy-to-read and attractive. 

The workflow then can be set up as follow:

4. Change theme

To contribute to the atmosphere of any festive season, changing the theme is also very important in raising awareness of that day. Changing theme will help your store:

  • Impress guests
  • Convenient for product display
  •  Improve shopping experience
  • Become more convenient for merchants than changing each particular product if the promotional theme is different than normal

Change theme with Atom8:

5. Merchandising

Discounted products for each specific event should be placed in special categories – that’s how your products will attract special attention to customers.

It could be products that are on sale during the season of Black Friday, Christmas, etc. For example Black Friday sales items, Christmas break, 50% off, etc.

6. Release price reduction

After all the preparation, you can now come up with a sensible product discount strategy to drive your customers to buy from you! 

By using Atom8, you will get benefits such as:

  • The price is changed at the right time, both when the promotion starts and ends
  • Quick setting if there are various discount strategies
  • Error/confusion minimization because of manual updates during a tight schedule, which can cause confusion and revenue loss to merchant
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Automate everything with Atom8

Atom8 allows you to arrange the timeframe quickly and precisely. This is an automation tool that allows merchants to turn repetitive tasks into workflows that can run at any time. A whole promotional schedule will be carried out by Atom8 and what you need to do is just focus on creative tasks that need the human brain!

Atom8 is available here for your better business revenue:

internal CTA atom8 1

The app saves online merchants hours of working thanks to intelligence functions.

Final words

It is true that managing your e-commerce store is hard work, especially ECommerce store management holidays. Fortunately, automation has made your life so much easier. 

Notice that, the most profitable holidays for merchants are Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve will come soon. During these days, you can create a sense of excitement and anticipation around your sale by installing a countdown-to-sale clock on your site. This helps your website stand out from others. Moreover, don’t forget to create trendy content that builds up your store’s awareness and you will reach your store’s best performance during holiday seasons!


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