B2B eCommerce Best Practices


Covid 19 pandemic led to the shift from physical stores to B2B commerce. Businesses are then undergoing pressure to not only follow that shift but to invest more and prioritize digital engagement. A McKinsey report found out that B2B enterprises now consider digital platforms 3 times more important. But yet they might be young and green in managing their resources. This article today will point out some B2B eCommerce best practices.


The B2B eCommerce best practices

1. Ensure your site is attractive and user-friendly

With an intensive competition ahead, it is easy to understand that buyers, with their chaotic timeline, will prefer a safe and easy way to shop. As a matter of fact, if you want your business to stand out, then make sure your site is different. The site should be attractive enough that firstly catches their eyes and triggers their attention to click on and figure out. 

On the other hand, don’t fall too much into designing and decorating, because after all, it is the buying experience that matters the most. B2B companies should evaluate their eCommerce sites to ensure they are creating superior experiences for their buyers. They want convenient, quick-click ways to gather information, such as accurate inventory status. 

2. Comprehensive product description

Make product information pages and site searches work for you. The clearer the better. It is obvious that you can not be online 24/7 to answer all the inquiries. Therefore, to save time both for you and the consumer, it is essential to display product descriptions properly, including detailed and comprehensive information. Once you are able to do that, consumers can be more certain with the choice which results in a quicker buying experience and decision making. Not having sufficient product information leads to the fact that consumers might walk away from the product with probable disappointment. Ensure you provide the full cost of purchase, including shipping charges, to make the purchase as transparent as possible. This also maintains consistency in product information across delivery channels.

3. Convenient purchase process

In B2B transactions, it is totally common to have repeated orders. Therefore, it would be much more convenient if your site can be able to follow the exact same steps done in the first order information and instruction. 

In addition, business sites should be robust enough to support multiple orders. It should integrate with the back-end like your CRM, ERP, and inventory management platforms. This is to collect information from customers quickly and then update inventory, prices in real-time and display the exact information to customers. 

Furthermore, a site that offers a variety of payment methods will also help to simplelize the purchasing process since consumers will not be limited to one single method.


4. Personalized Service

As to increase retention from consumers, you can use site personalization to offer a tailored experience to them. In order for this to happen, based on customer segmentation. Then divide more into various criteria like their location, interests, and purchasing capacity to offer targeted promotions and incentives. With this kind of service offered, consumers will likely feel that you create this order, a suggestion just for them. They feel special enough and satisfied, which can help you drive sales and earn customer satisfaction.

5. Automation

Sounds like there is a lot of work that needs to be done so far. Do not worry since automation can totally help you out. Refer to Atom8, one of the best apps known in the automation field. This is an app that helps you to automate the operational activities in your shop. It can automate website editing, all the work that takes lots of time like inventory management, content management, order management, customer management, email marketing. By doing this, you can save a bunch of your time to focus on more important tasks while leaving your customer well taken care of.



In conclusion, these are the B2B eCommerce best practices that are used by most successful digital enterprises. Just take a look as they really can increase your customer satisfaction while decreasing your amount of work.


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