How To Shorten B2B Ordering Process

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The complicated B2B order process will make customers hesitate to visit your online store and place orders. Seriously, the too-sophisticated order process also causes sky-high cart abandonment and customer churn rate. Therefore, it is really important to simplify the B2B ordering process to enhance customer satisfaction as well as boost your sales and revenues.

Tips To Make B2B Ordering Process Easier

Take Advantage Of Quick Order Tools

To shorten B2B ordering process, quick order tools are the most robust equipment to improve the speed. You may be surprised about what those tools can do for your store. Quick order applications allow your customer to find their expected products by entering keywords, product names or uploading CSV files. Moreover, customers can adjust the products displayed by adding features and setting the maximum number of products for conveniently searching. Also, they can put multiple products in their cart and place orders within minutes. Additionally, thanks to the cutting-edge invention, the customers also take advantage of quick order tools to save their product lists for further buying without searching for those products again. 

Allow Bulk Orders

As you know, B2B transactions include big values orders that contain a huge quantity of products. So it is inconvenient for the customer to search manually and put hundreds of products into their shopping carts. The appearance of bulk order function in some automatic applications can rescue the customers from the complicated B2B ordering process. With this function, the customers only need to set the number of products instead of collecting them manually. Meanwhile, you can set the maximum number of products to exactly manage the inventory and avoid out-of-stock because of mass orders.

Optimize Product Page

Product page is a website place where the customers find and select their well-matched products with the product images and descriptions. You may need to pay attention to showing products information that attracts customers at a glance. Moreover, the content should show the products’ most remarkable features. This helps the customer differentiate among various items on your product page without being overwhelmed by too much unnecessary information. Also, the product page needs to have necessary functions such as chatbot or other supportive features during customers’ buying process. 

Diversify Payment Methods

The customers may feel hesitant to access B2B ordering process if the store has only limited payment methods. For example, if the customers have selected the favorite items. But when coming to the final steps, they can not find their appropriate payment method so all the efforts are wasted. The sellers should allow customers to pay their order by various methods, especially the most common ones such as PayPal, VISA cards, and so on with high-protected security, smooth manipulation, and minimum numbers of bugs.

A common aspect of wholesale is the distributors will pay later, either on account, or split payment. Therefore B2B businesses need to manage invoices effectively.

If you have a Magento website, then the Magento B2B Platform is a must have. It allows purchaser to place quick orders, ask for quotes, and negotiate quickly. Discover more here:

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Shortening B2B ordering process plays a vital role in boosting sales and revenues of eCommerce selling activities. With our suggestions, we hope that you can simplify your process and make it easier for the customers to access and place orders.


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