Top 10 Ways To Improve Product Page Conversion Rate

improve product page conversion rate

The first impression and final thoughts are the two most essential steps for customers to make final decisions: buy or not. Depending on personal preferences, there are too many reasons why customers ignore or give up your products, leading to a low product page conversion rate and considerable loss. 

Today, our blog will suggest 10 most practical ways to help your business improve those problems and thus boost your revenues and profits. 


10 Best Approaches To Increase Product Page Conversion Rate

1. Remark Products Value At A Glance

improve product page conversion rate

Customers do not want to take too much time to read a long detailed description of products and brands. Although your products have some convenient features for buyers, it is not easy for customers to realize it in such a long paragraph, and thus they ignore those items at a glance. 

To boost the product page conversion rate, you may need to make your products more attractive at first look. All the signatures, significant features, or informative content that can grab customers’ attention need to be highlighted to ensure that buyers can not ignore them.

2. Instant Message Activation

instant message for conversion rate improvement

There are thousands of questions about the products, services, and policies when the customers come to your online store and buy something, especially the first time. It is genuinely inconvenient to send an email and wait for days to be responded to. That amount of time is enough for customers’ forget what they want to buy and thus reduce product page conversion rate. 

The most effective solution is activating live chat on your selling site. The customers can address any problems immediately and receive support instantly. You can pre-set some automatic answers for frequent concerns of customers and assign some support to help with more complicated issues.

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3. Catch Customer Insight

customer insight

Customer insight has been the most potent but mysterious tool to enhance customer experience and increase product page conversion rates. However, drawing a picture of customers’ insight is truly difficult.

There are some ways to understand what customers think, concern about, and want. You can use some automatic application to track customers’ behaviors in your eCommerce stores. Then, comprehend and analyze what has been recorded to find out customers’ concerns and expectations. 

4. Display Call-To-Action Motto

call-to-action for product page

When customers visit your offline stores, staff will approach them and encourage them to buy products. However, you don’t have any staff in your eCommerce stores. That is why you need another factor to make customers pay more attention to your products and have more motivation to buy them.

The Call-to-action motto should have great content and a remarkable design, playing as a persuader for increasing product page conversion rate. Another point you need to consider is that the call-to-action motto must not be an eyesore and should be consistent with the page architecture. 

5. Take Advantage Of Animation


It can be seen that images can not be as impressive as video, animation, or GIFs. Moreover, the customers trust the information conveyed by video rather than ideas. Also, video and animation can make your eCommerce site more lively and thus increase users’ experience. 

To avoid some drawbacks, you should not add too much video and animated content. As it takes a lot of time for customers to watch, and its capacity will slow down your site traffic. 

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6. Present Previous Reviews And Feedbacks

review & feedback

Product description and buying guide are not enough for customers to make orders. The most crucial and the key-driven element is customers’ reviews and feedbacks. You should keep honest reviews and comments from buyers for your goods and services to build customers’ trust. 

To minimize the irrelevant and negative comments, you should manage all the low-star rates tightly, find out the reason and solve customers’ problems. Moreover, all the spam and irrelevant comments need to be deleted or hidden from your pages. The remaining positive and relevant ones will be the influential factors to improve product page conversion rate. 

7. Show Social Proof Of Brands And Products

social proof of brand

Any certificate, legitimation, or recognition from reliable organizations should be presented along with a product description. For instance, if you sell sunscreens and claim that your products do not contain alcohol and paraben, customers will doubt whether that feature is tested or examined. 

Social proof will help your products become trustworthy, reinforce the brand’s reputation, and increase product page conversion rate. 

8. Utilize Cross-sell And Upsell 

cross-sell & upsell

Maximizing quantities of products sold and profits is the top priority goal of selling. It can be expressed by some product recommendations. You can base on the customers’ behaviors on your eCommerce site, which your automatic applications track to pop up some relevant offers.

Moreover, you can pre-set some suggested pop-up items with the same features in terms of colors, styles, function, or complementary products. This action can give customers a wide range of options and thus increase product page conversion rate. 

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9. Manage Inventory

inventory management

The inventory should be highly controlled to ensure smooth buying procedures, and all customers can buy their favorite products. At this stage, you should use some inventory management applications to support organizing multi-channel warehouses and plan the stock-related processes. 

The customers will be disappointed whenever their products are unavailable or have some problems that they can not buy immediately. Effective inventory management will increase product page conversion rate as it can ensure every customer can buy what they want with one click. 

10. Allow To Purchase Backorder Products


Although you have managed your inventory well, some inevitable problems prevent customers’ from buying their expected products, especially in the holiday sale season. Many buyers visit your eCommerce store and buy a lot of products in a few minutes. That short time is not enough for you to instantly restock all of the items and thus let your shelves empty.

Fortunately, Backorder could be the hero to rescue you from that situation. If your eCommerce stores are on Bigcommerce platforms, Backorder will allow you to set the backorder status for products. Whenever it is sold out, backorder status is automatically activated. Customers can generally purchase, and the products will be shipped when they are refilled. 

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Increasing product page conversion rate directly links to profit optimization. All our recommendations above are not all the solutions, but they are the most practical in typical circumstances. We hope that you can apply them to your own situations and maximize your selling profits hereafter. 


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