The art of building upsell pages that convert

upsell pages

Upselling is not a strange approach for eCommerce businesses to boost sales. You may have various ideas to build your upsell pages. However, not all the methods are effective and increase product conversion rate. Therefore, we are here to tell you some considerable points that you need to pay attention to when building upsell pages on your stores.

Tips To Form Attractive Upsell Pages

Improve Clear And Transparency

First and foremost, you need to ensure the transparency and consistency of your headlines, sub-headlines to catch customers’ attention and take them to the up-sell products. Moreover, the clear content can persuade customers to get access to up-selling products at a glance; rather than spend too much time reading the headlines and sub-headlines or even ignore your upsell approaches. 

Moreover, if you want to upsell various items at the same time, you can display their most remarkable features as bullets. The customers will go through the content to find out the most suitable items; so the bullets can help them feel easy to position and remember the information while too many texts in paragraphs can make customers feel tired to get deeper. Moreover, you also need to get rid of some unnecessary information when describing products for upselling.

Take Advantage Of Short Videos

The modern world has demonstrated that short videos can impress customers more quickly and effortlessly. While the customers can ignore the headlines, they can access the video irrationally. Short videos can deliver enough information via photos and animations without too many texts. Also, the customers can comprehend enough information about up-sell products in some seconds instead of being immersed in a lot of words. To enhance the effectiveness of your short videos, you should insert product links at the end of the videos to convert.

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Access Via Social Network

Social network is the never-forgotten place for bringing your upsell product closer to target customers. You can run paid ads on social media of product recommendation and try to reach your target customers. Moreover, don’t forget to enclose the link via your ads to take customers directly to your upsell pages after they watch your recommendation

Moreover, on your stores’ social media account, you can upload a lot of up-sell posts by various forms. They can be buying guides, product reviews to bring customers useful information about your products and service. Remember to have a plan for your content to avoid over-advertising, repetitive information or obsolete content. Also, you need to store all the customer contact who has clicked on links.

Use Countdown Features

To encourage customers to place orders with your up-selling products, you can add a countdown clock to present how many minutes are left for the deals, free shipping or special gifts. With these features, you can add some lists for recommendations such as hot products, recently viewed, and frequently bought together to optimize your up-sell as well.


With those powerful tips, we believe that you can strengthen your up-sell pages with awesome features and easy-but-effective approaches. 


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