How personalized product recommendations increase AOV for your BigCommerce store

personalized product recommendations

Successfully deploying personalized product recommendations involves the collection of user data on a site-wide scale. To make the most of that data collection and successfully increase AOV, recommendations must be displayed where customers are most likely to engage with them. This article will show how personalized product recommendations can increase AOV for your BigCommerce store.

How personalized product recommendations can increase AOV for your BigCommerce store?

Personalized product recommendations are when a site shows a selection of product recommendations that’s unique to the individual visitor, based on their behaviors and profile. This is almost always based on a machine learning algorithm.

What’s important to remember is that not all forms of product recommendation are personalized. How do you know if they’re personalized or not? The question you should ask is whether you’d be seeing the same recommendation as the person next to you. 

Personalized recommendations drive revenue by positively impacting a customer’s total cart amount. They offer relevant cross-sell and up-sell opportunities that pique a customer’s interest. This results in them purchasing more than just the original item they came in for. 

Statistics show that sessions that contain no engagement with product recommendations have on average, an AOV of $44.41. However, when prospects engage with just a single recommendation, this number multiplies by 369%.

Where to Include Personalized Product Recommendations on Your Ecommerce Site?

Category page

These pages drive discovery of your products: they’re essential for collating relevant products and aiding user experience by letting shoppers narrow down their searches into their chosen subcategories. Category pages are also great places to show product recommendations by showcasing items most commonly bought together or your best sellers.

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Product recommendations can work this way by being bundled with a discount or promotion. Offers like these incentivize visitors to take a closer look, and because the products are still relevant to their interests, they remain likely to engage. Read more: Bigcommerce upsell

Product page

Ecommerce product pages are arguably the most important pages in your store on which to display personalized product recommendations. 

When visitors land on a product page, their purchase intent gets higher. Offering alternative and relevant products whilst they browse can see them potentially purchase more than just the original product, increasing their cart size and driving more revenue.

Shopping cart

The cart page is the last chance to offer your customers additional items that can complete their purchase. Personalized product recommendations here can serve as reminders for purchasing opportunities consumers may have overlooked. Just like the racks of magazines and gum at the cashier in the grocery store. 

But be warned, these come with a risk – the last thing you want to do when your customer is so close to the finish line (checking out) is to distract them and accidentally pull them higher up the funnel. This functionality should be fairly common across all eCommerce platforms, just make sure you choose a specific product, or products,  that are related to the user’s basket.


Product recommendation is not at all an easy task, but if you find it too complicated, refer to BigCommerce Product Recommendation App. This is an application that creates & manages multiple rules. They can based on customer behavior and choose specific conditions to show recommendations: pages, cart items or values, and customer behaviors. In conclusion, this is a simple and flexible solution for upselling and cross-selling products. So do not hesitate and check out the app right away here:

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