Top payment gateways for BigCommerce stores


BigCommerce payment gateway is one of the big concerns of every merchant and customer when opening a store on BigCommerce particularly and any eCommerce platform in general. While BigCommerce offers more than 65 pre-integrated online payment solutions, serving 230 countries and over 140 currencies, this blog post will mention the 7 top payment gateways on BigCommerce system which is considered to be almost comprehensive in every feature.

The best payment gateways for BigCommerce stores

1. Adyen

Adyen is a leading payments technology company focused on businesses that are quickly expanding in the global market. It provides you with access to a worldwide all-in-one payments platform that accepts all major global and local payment methods, allowing you to easily expand into new markets and sales channels while also supporting you in risk management and reporting.

What is the fee of Adyen on BigCommerce?

  • European cards
    Standard: 1.4% + €0.24
    Plus: 1.3% + €0.24
    Pro: 1.2% + €0.24
  • International cards
    Standard: 2.8% + €0.24
    Plus: 2.6% + €0.24
    Pro: 2.4% + €0.24

*: % per total transaction

2. Barclaycard Smartpay Advance

Barclaycard Smartpay Advance is an enterprise-grade payment gateway that lets you accept payments via both traditional and online channels. The Barclaycard Smartpay Advance gateway accepts a wide range of payment methods and allows merchants to expand their business internationally by integrating local payment methods such as iDEAL, Sofort, and Giropay through a single integration.

What is the fee of Barclaycard Smartpay Advance on BigCommerce?

  • United Kingdom cards: 1.25%
  • International cards: 2.6%

*: % per total transaction

3. PayPal

Popular and famous payment method PayPal, also the most-used gateway on BigCommerce. You can customize your checkout experience to take payments in over 100 currencies across over 200 markets with a single, unified payments connection. With PayPal Checkout, which is our full-stack payments platform, you can provide customers with more options to pay and improve checkout conversion to help your business thrive.

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What is the fee of PayPal on BigCommerce?

3.49% + 49¢

*: % per total transaction

4. PayPal powered by Braintree

PayPal powered by Braintree is a payment gateway that allows your customers to pay for their orders using their credit/debit card or PayPal account. It also supports PayPal Credit, stored payment methods, multi-currency, 3D Secure, and several leading digital wallets. Notably, BigCommerce has partnered with PayPal to provide qualified merchants with special pre-negotiated prices.

According to a 2018 comScore research, sites that accept PayPal convert 47% better than those that don’t. Also, PayPal conversion rates were also found to be 60% higher than “other digital wallets” and 82% higher than “all payment methods combined” in the study.

What is the fee of PayPal powered by Braintree on BigCommerce?

Standard: 2.59% + $0.49
Plus: 2.35% + $0.49
Pro: 2.05% + $0.49
Enterprise: 2.05% + $0.49 or lower

*: % per total transaction

5. allows your company to accept additional payment methods and currencies from a wider range of consumers. They offer best-in-class payment processing for credit cards and other forms of payment.

Only through a single connection with BigCommerce, they integrate gateway, acquiring, and payment processing services. Therefore, you’ll be able to make more payments and serve more customers all around the world.

You receive quicker processing, market-leading dependability, flexibility, and unparalleled data transparency with’s all-in-one platform. They accept more than 150 different currencies and offer direct access to Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and all major foreign cards.

What is the fee of on BigCommerce?

  • European cards
    Standard: 0.95% + $0.20
    Plus: 1.3% + €0.24
    Pro: 1.2% + €0.24
  • Non-european cards
    Standard: 2.90% + $0.20
    Plus: 2.6% + €0.24
    Pro: 2.4% + €0.24
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*: % per total transaction

6. is a United States payment gateway service provider that allows businesses to accept credit card and electronic check payments. This can be via their website and via an Internet Protocol connection. All the payment process is simplified with It accepts payments online, at retail locations, or via mobile devices. Multiple digital wallets including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, Apple Pay, eCheck, and many others are collaborating for smooth transactions.

What is the fee of on BigCommerce?

2.9%* + $0.30 plus $25 monthly gateway fee

*: % per total transaction

7. Stripe

Stripe is a great method to make online payments and one of the simplest payment gateways to integrate with BigCommerce. In addition, Stripe seeks to boost online commerce by making it simple to accept credit card payments and run a business online. It now allows you to accept a variety of digital wallet payment options on your website.

What is the fee of Stripe on BigCommerce?

2.9%* + 30¢

*: % per total transaction

Which payment gateway is the best?

First, let’s see what supported features are available on each BigCommerce payment gateway:

It’s tough to identify which payment gateway is the most effective. However, the ones listed above are great options. For example, Adyen is an excellent choice for large-sized merchants seeking payment services. While PayPal powered by Braintree is known for low-rate payment but still has the reputation of PayPal. PayPal is a must-have if you’re searching for a well-rounded service. From the other point, Stripe, and Barclaycard Smart Pay Advance are good for merchants who are looking for a competitive fee rate. But the most important is, the best payment gateway is the one that suits your business requirements.

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How to automate capture/void payment on BigCommerce

There are many payment options available on BigCommerce. To reduce your effort of doing repetitive tasks, an automation system – for example is Atom8, which can learn from your purchased activities by “Capture payment”, then automatically do every payment step for you next time!

One interesting function of Atom8 is “Void payment”. With the function, the money transferred from buyer transfer will be “slowed”. This is when the purchase is completed and the buyer receives the package happily, money also comes to your digital wallet.

Why is this step important? Because you don’t have to conduct refund process, this is how Void payment works:

  • After authorizing, the money paid from customers will be held in their digital wallet, but they can’t use the amount.
  • Until they receive your product, the money will be sent to you as normal.
  • If customer cancels, it will release the fund for them.

You can discover other hundreds of intelligent functions from Atom8 here:

internal CTA atom8 1Atom8 makes your selling journey effortless by automation.

To recap

This blog has mentioned a list of the 7 best payment gateways on BigCommerce. Though each one has particular benefits, the most ideal payment gateway is the one that fits your business requirements. It varies on your store’s size, preferred charge, and other extra supporting services. We hope you find the most suitable payment gateways to enjoy your selling experience on the system! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us for help!


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