Top BigCommerce Stores: Burrow’s Need for Flexibility and Customization

Top BigCommerce Stores Burrow

About Burrow

Burrow is a top-class Company, offering a wide range of sofas to its valued customers. Not all furniture companies understand the needs of sofa lovers. The comfy corners of the sofa increase the comfort and luxury of owning a sofa. Burrow’s owners had understood what people find in the sofas and came up with innovative sofa designs. These sofa designs increase the luxury and comfort of owning a sofa to a greater extent.

Stephen had the two discs in his back when he went rowing during the college period. When Stephen and Kabeer started Burrow at Wharton, they knew that they had to construct the ergonomic sofas. They made sure that their couches were ergonomically designed for long movie or soap binges. Kabeer takes meticulous attention to style, trying to make the sofas look more innovative. The main aim of the founders was to make sure that Burrow sofas be just as trendy.

The founders of the Burrow accomplished their mission by introducing funky, stylish, and amazing-quality sofas to its valuable customers.

The Need for Advanced Features

The brand reputation has grown more vital to a brand’s success in an increasingly digital age. The reputation of the brand and user experience decides the development of the business to a greater extent. Consumers have come to expect convenience, flexibility, and well-designed user experiences throughout the purchasing process.

Customers have established these expectations, which bring in lots of convenience and ease for the businesses. There are also growth-oriented firms that must meet in order to retain those customers. This is why the Company requires advanced features. The company works towards the attainment of these goals so as to satisfy the needs of the customers and invite more customers.

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Aiming for an effortless online furniture shopping experience, Burrow realized the current eCommerce platform no longer meet their need. Therefore, they went in search of a new platform with more capabilities to support the fast-growing business.

Finding an affordable eCommerce platform

Besides these reasons, there are also more factors. These reasons include flexible and customized solutions to the customers. Burrow aims to fulfill all objectives of the customers to a greater extent. So, the Company needs a new SaaS platform for marketing its products and using advanced features.

There are many SaaS platforms available in the market, which offer extensive services to people. However, a few eCommerce platforms only satisfied the need of the customers to a greater extent. Before landing upon BigCommerce, Burrow tested many other SaaS Platforms. However, they did not suit the requirements of the eCommerce platforms. Then, Burrow came across BigCommerce and joined it without any doubts.

Achievements with New Platform

BigCommerce is the top cloud eCommerce platform for mid-market and fast-growing businesses. BigCommerce-powered websites attract more visitors, convert better, and perform better. BigCommerce enables companies’ multinational cooperation to build their operations more cost-effectively by focusing on marketing and sales rather than technology.

Due to all the benefits offered by BigCommerce, the conversion rates of the Company increased by 30% within two days. The average order value also increased by 4%. Moreover, site speed and performance also increased by 50%.


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