5 tips to boost end of year sales for your online store

end of year sales

We are going to finish this year and you are busy preparing for the end of year sales for your online stores. This is one of the biggest sales seasons in the year. But you don’t know how to boost sales and optimize your revenue on some days.

Our article today will show you some strategic approaches to a successful campaign.

Strategic Approaches To Successful End Of Year Sales

Launch Emails Marketing Campaigns

First and foremost, you need to notify your customers about your sale season with a potential product list recommendation. To make it effective, before sending out emails, you should group customers into suitable segments based on their behaviors on your online store to point out their tastes and expectations. Then, you may decide which products they really need to form a list for recommendation. This personalized approach can help the customers be exposed to helpful information rather than being immersed in a lot of junk mail. To save time and effort, you can use automatic applications like Atom8 on Shopify and BigCommerce platforms to send personalized emails to each customer segment.

Boost Advertisement

A successful end of year sales season needs some viral elements, such as advertisements. Like email marketing, the advertisement also requires personalization. Before launching advertisements on any platform, you must decide which types of customers you may reach and how their preferences are. The more precise you can define, the more effective your advertisements are. For example, if you run ads on Instagram, you may access the youngsters rather than the old ones, which may create some differences in products and approaches.

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Establish Compelling Sales Programs

What is the most motivating element for sales-boosting? Definitely, it is a promotion. You can apply various kinds of promotions such as a percent discount, buy 1 get 1, flash sales and voucher collecting with suitable product lines. The promotion will not only create motivation for the customers to buy more products but also create chances for you to sell long-lasting stocked items.

If you use Shopify or Bigcommerce platform, Atom8 can help you to apply discounts to the products and automatically turn them back to the fixed one after-sales day. Discover more here:

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Atom8 can schedule sales price changes and even visibility for your products.

Reinforce The Inventory

To boost end of year sales for your stores, you may need to carefully prepare for the inventory. To forecast exactly the upcoming demand, you may need to rely on previous selling data, report to decide the needed quantity of each product line as well as choose your product niche in this sales season. However, out of stock is an inevitable problem, that you may need a backup plan for it. If you use the Bigcommerce platform, taking advantage of the BackOrder app will allow your customers to buy unavailable items and receive the shipment at a later date. 

Speed Up Order Fulfillment Stage

When a large number of orders are placed, your website may be overloaded, which leads to low response and bugs. To prepare for the rush hours, you may need to upgrade your website or utilize tools for order fulfillment. For example, if you use Shopify or BigCommerce platforms, Atom8 may help you to automate the order fulfillment stage with pre-built or customized workflows. 

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Are you confident to welcome a wonderful end of year sale season? With our tips, we hope that you can run the expected sales programs without any challenges.


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