Types of eCommerce website actions you can automate

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5 eCommerce Website Actions You Can Automate

Recently, a lot of eCommerce businesses have started to automate their website’s daily actions with a variety of software and applications. Merits from automation are uncountable, including cost-effective, time-saving, productivity improvement, accuracy, and so on. However, as beginner business runners, you may have many questions about what website actions can be automated.

Our article will recommend some frequent business tasks that can be done by automatic applications with easy and simple steps. 

What Actions On Ecommerce Website Can Be Automated

Inventory Management

The first website action you can automate is inventory management. It is a crucial task to ensure the stocks can meet the demand. This activity seems complicated, especially for large businesses. Fortunately, you can automate with process fluently with accuracy and smooth workflow. 

The automation software can alert low-stock status, schedule restocks plans, generate stock data to a spreadsheet for further analysis. Also, some software has the ability to keep track of sales velocity, reorder quantities, to forecast reorder dates in order to keep your warehouses full of stocks. 

Customer Management

Customer management plays a critical role in business development and also is a website action that you can automate. Traditional customer service sometimes irrationally ignores potential customers and establishes inappropriate solutions to deal with customers’ problems. Recently, you can automate customer support like setting up a chatbot on your landing page, auto-answers for frequent questions, etc. 

Moreover, to maintain the customer relationship, the automatic application also can base on their buying history and behaviors on eCommerce stores to analyze their preferences and group into suitable segments. Then, the marketers can run suitable marketing campaigns to grab their attention.

Real-time notification

To keep in touch with customers and partners, eCommerce websites need a real-time notification system. In terms of partners, for example, an automatic real-time notification will be sent requests for restocking to suppliers when the inventory is low. 

In terms of customers, you can utilize notification to update shipping status and help customers keep track of their orders delivered in real-time. Moreover, you can use it to connect with your shipping partners to make immediate adjustments if there is any problem during the shipping process. 

Content Management

Another website action that you can automate is content management. The application can help you hide and publish products as you scheduled. 

Moreover, it is really useful in hot sale seasons, the discount can be automatically applied to all products and automatically turn back to the original one after some days. Also, it can auto-switch your website’s theme once every hour. 

Orders Fulfillment

The backbone activity of an eCommerce website is to tackle customers orders. Website actions related to order fulfillment can be automated smoothly. 

For instance, the applications can automatically categorize orders into specific groups in terms of value, product types, sources, etc. to help the staff manage orders, find out potential fraud, and pay more attention to special orders. After eliminating the deceit, the order information will be sent to the logistics company to do the delivery stages

One automation application that has outstanding ability to do those steps is Atom8 on Shopify and Bigcommerce platforms. When receiving orders from customers, it can automatically analyze customer history to evaluate the liability of orders, then run a built-in (or customized) workflow to reach fulfillment.

  • Atom8 on BigCommerce:internal CTA atom8 1
  • Atom8 on Shopify:internal CTA ergo atom8 1


Automation is a powerful approach to improve business productivity and profits. Try to automate the five website actions above and you will witness the rocket development of your eCommerce business!


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