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Today, a lot of store owners choose BigCommerce as the best option to host their store for its unlimited sales, easy-to-use dashboard, 24/7 support, and 0% transaction costs. However, besides these features, you always need one or more additional third-party apps to boost your sales. Some tasks that can be done by the best BigCommerce apps are marketing, upsell, delivery tracking, etc. 

With several apps available to test and try, it might be confusing to identify the best apps for your store. In this article, we’ll sort out apps that are highly recommended by Bigcommerce users to boost your sales. 

What is upsell?

Upselling is a sales tactic where a seller offers their customers more expensive products, add-ons, or upgrades to make more profitable sales. Practically, most businesses use both upselling and cross-selling techniques to increase customer satisfaction and revenue.

In this write-up, we’d share three of the best BigCommerce upsell apps. However, keep in mind that there are other options you can use for your store.

FOMO – Psychology to sell more

What do you think FOMO is? Fear of missing out? Well, as the name reveals, FOMO uses allows users to tap into unconscious psychological triggers to boost sales. Most store owners often don’t have time for social proof and pop-ups. With FOMO, this becomes easier than ever. For example, you can quickly create a pop-up to showcase your discount deal when a visitor comes to your store. 

ShipperHQ – Transparent Shipping

One of the most delicate aspects of an online store is shipping. You don’t want to lose customers at this last stage because of shipping difficulties. Fortunately, BigCommerce has an in-built abandoned cart feature that allows you to integrate ShipperHQ

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ShipperHQ uses IP addresses to evaluate the shipping costs and calculates additional fees on delivery. Additionally, you don’t want to have such a high delivery cost that might scare your customers away. Then, ShipperHQ allows merchants to set rules based on locations so that you won’t over-charge your customers.  


If you want to upsell hot leads, then PriceWaiter is a good app for BigCommerce. Most online stores have issues getting to know how much customers will be willing to pay. PriceWaiter allows you to give the customers an option to determine the amount they want to spend. For instance, you can use the “Name your Price” button that prompts you to fill in their dream price.

If you are contemplating that your customer will put a very low price, you can set the lowest price possible at your backend. It also comes with bundling items that allow you to push customers towards buying some more products.

GritGlobal’s BigCommerce Product Recommendation App

With flexible recommendation rules tailored for BigCommerce pos stores, this is a must-try solution. The app is powered by an easy-to-use interface and automated behavior-analytical engine. Therefore, it can boost your revenue with relevant upsell, cross-sell and recommendations.

Register for a demo here:

cta bigcommerce recommendation

Final note

While these apps can effectively accelerate upsell efficiency in your BigCommerce store, always pay attention to your content. This means ensuring that all of your recommendations are genuinely helpful, and your site comes with great customer reviews and is backed by outstanding customer service. 


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