Elements Of An Effective Ecommerce Marketing Strategy


Ecommerce marketing includes various forms. However, have you wondered what is the best form of an effective marketing strategy? In fact, depending on each business field, the suitable marketing strategy really varies. 

We have conducted research and made observations to come to a conclusion with these most effective marketing strategies for eCommerce businesses. 

What Makes Your Ecommerce Marketing Strategy Great?

Content Marketing

A traditional form of marketing is content marketing, which is using persuasive and attractive words to engage customers. Content marketing can be posts, articles, blogs, and so on. Although it is a traditional marketing form, its effectiveness is still considerable. Content marketing will provide customers with fulfilled and completed messages about products, companies, brands, etc., which help the customers understand clearly what we want to deliver.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is a form of marketing strategy that enables you to have direct communication with your customers. There are many purposes such as advertising emails, Cart abandonment emails, product emails, welcome emails, and so on. It can not be denied that email marketing is a multi-function and powerful marketing strategy. 

However, it is easy to be a nuisance with customers if you launch inappropriately. To boost the effectiveness of email marketing, it would be better to use the automation application. For instance, Atom8, software available on Bigcommerce and Shopify platforms. 

Atom8 can track the customers’ behaviors on your eCommerce stores, then group them into suitable segmentation with the coincidence of customer profiles, favorite products, time spent, etc. for personalized emails. Then, it continues to tagging customers on CRM and email marketing software. This approach will make the information meaningful and create a good impression. You can discover Atom8 here:

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Atom8 makes store management tasks effortless by automation.

Social Media Marketing

There is a soaring social media marketing trend in recent years as a lot of people are often exposed to social networks many hours a day. Digital marketing strategies can be launched on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Especially, the short-video platforms like Youtube Short, TikTok have attracted a large number of users, becoming the lucrative playground for marketers with promising successes.

People tend to favor images and videos over traditional texts as they can convey a key message in seconds instead of taking a lot of time to read. Moreover, the lively images and videos are easy to grab people’s attention at a glance although they don’t intend to click into them. There are some forms of videos that have positive effects on advertising and promotion: Unboxing and demo videos, how-to videos, production line videos, etc.

KOLs And Influencers

The relationship between social network users and celebrations has become closer. The marketers may take advantage of this phenomenon to enhance their eCommerce marketing strategy. The KOLs and influencers play a product introducer role. 

In detail, they make your products become widespread through the sharing of their daily story and experience. This natural and friendly approach may make the audience have a positive impression of products, feel like a friend telling them something exciting. It is also an example of “word of mouth”, one of the most effective marketing strategies over time. 


The most suitable and persuasive eCommerce marketing strategy will boost business growth, businesses’ reputation, brand identification, sales, and revenues. Moreover, it may open chances for the sellers to get closer to purchasers, creating a close-knit relationship hereafter. 

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