Effective eCommerce Email Marketing Segmentation

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A study in 2019 showed that for every $1 investment in email marketing, you can expect an ROI of $42. With that being said, email marketing is often counted on to generate better conversion. Through email marketing, you can educate your customer about the brand value, and keep them engaged with your brand. One way to increase eCommerce email marketing’s efficiency is customer segmentation from the beginning. 

Ecommerce email marketing segmentation

Email marketing segmentation refers to the act of categorizing customers based on their information and create distinctive campaigns for them. This technique targets a niche market. Hence it increases efficiency while saving costs for the organization, especially in the age when people really enjoy individual care. Without segmenting your email list, it is impossible to send a personalized email.

The most common eCommerce email marketing segmentation strategies


Multiple marketers start their email marketing segmentation by using demographic data. Information like company position, age, gender, income level can tell you about who they are and what their basic needs are. This information can be gathered during the sign-up process. Information that most of the customers are willing to share is gender, age, phone number, shipping address. However, you should always ensure a secured system to increase your credibility. At the same time, be careful not to be so intrusive while you are asking for these.


Customer behavior is always worth a closer look. By segmentation, you can distinguish between inactive and active users, for example, people who have not opened your email for the last three months. Then you can make a special campaign to attract your inactive subscribers. 

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Interest and preferences

Try to find out what your audience likes to have. You can figure this out by constantly engaging with your customers via email campaigns. Try different versions of A/B testing and different types of content to see what is the most intriguing for your customers. Once you know about their interest, then you can easily target the email campaign.

Browsing history

Constantly keep track of your subscribers’ online activities. Look up engagement statistics on your website. This will give you a detailed insight into how you can approach those audiences. For example, if a person left without completing an order, but they kept coming back to your store, it is likely that they are keen on purchasing but the price is not good enough. In this case, email them and offer a special discount to move them one step ahead to purchase.



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