Top 8 Most Powerful Email Automation Tools

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The relationship between sellers and customers has become closer and closer as they can share necessary information and direct support whenever they need it. However, sellers want to notify thousands of information, but the business can not handle all the emails manually with the limited staff. Hence, they need email automation tools to automate email marketing campaigns and instantly solve customers’ problems.

We bring a list of 8 best email automation tools for your eCommerce business with easy-to-understand descriptions and trustworthy reviews.

8 Best Email Automation Tools


Atom8 is an automation application that is not only famous for its email automation tools but also for workflow automation. With Atom8, you can integrate with popular email services on BigCommerce and Shopify like Mailchimp, Klaviyo, etc. It can help you send customers’ data and content to these apps and conduct automatic email sending. Moreover, it can rely on customers’ purchasing behavior on eCommerce website, total spending, last orders, to group them and then send emails that fit their expectations. This function can enhance customer engagement and avoid disturbing customers.


Hubspot, significantly its Marketing Hub, can help you with automation process email sending. It can benefit from analyzing customers’ behaviors on your landing page and customize email marketing based on each customer’s preference. Moreover, its interface is easy to use and attractive. However, its pricing packages seem too high for small and medium-sized businesses. 

Active Campaign

The most impressive feature of the Active Campaign, an email automation tool, is email dripping, which can boost customers’ interaction and illustrate their preferences and interests. It is also famous for helpful and quick customer support. Its pricing policies are also reasonable and not too expensive. However, its customization ability is not sufficient enough. Also, non-professional users can find it challenging to take advantage of this app.

Related Posts:  Expert-approved cross sell strategies to boost your eCommerce revenue provides a foolproof template and interface, which is suitable for both beginners and experts. It helps to customize customers’ emails effortlessly. Moreover, it brings excellent templates which are compatible with mobile and desktop experiences. Additional features that make different are A/B testing, conversion tracking, etc. 

However, this app is not for beginners because of the complicated structures and design. Moreover, there isn’t any allowance to export data and in-depth customer behaviors analysis. Another drawback is that it will increase the price whenever your business grows.

Get Response

If you are seeking an easy-to-use app at a competitive price, Get Response may meet your demand. Like other email automation tools, it brings tools for building landing pages and sending emails automatically. Every manipulation on this app is effortless, flexible, and smooth. However, some of its emails usually go to spam inbox, which the customers can not read if they don’t check. Also, its integration abilities are still limited.


Another easy-to-use email automation tool is Wishpond. Besides some basic features, it can track customers’ activities, analysis them and then support them with accurate and fast procedures. Moreover, it can be a suitable selection for big enterprises as it can run big email marketing campaigns that handle a large number of customers and data. 

However, these features lead to some bad results. Sometimes, its performance has some errors when running extensive campaigns, and thus email sending is not as accurate as expected.


Mailjet is the solution for all company sizes and all levels of users. With drags and drops, you can create your own impressive emails for marketing and then save your favorite templates.  Its integration abilities are also noticeable, connecting with some popular email sending service apps and improving speed and reliability.

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 However, it sometimes can be incompatible with some domains, leading to errors arising and reducing productivity.


Keap is a multi-function tool like Atom8, which can automate workflow, manage tasks, track visitors’ behaviors and send emails automatically. 

However, there are some limitations. It can not send emails with images or animations, which can reduce the marketing effectiveness. This tool is not suitable for beginners; some points and functions are difficult to handle. Moreover, its price is a little high so maybe suitable only for big companies. 

Have You Chosen The Best One?

Choosing the most suitable email automation tools is not too difficult. You need to consider the features you need most, how much you can pay for it, and your team’s ability to use this app.

Have you had your idea? Make a decision now!


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