7 repetitive tasks online merchants can easily automate


Are you suffering from repetitive tasks in your store? From product management, email services to customer care? Those repetitive, boring, and tiring jobs have been completely replaced by automation. Applying automation to store management on e-commerce platforms will save you many hours of work, be more accurate and bring optimal efficiency. 

This blog post will help you understand how technology automates repetitive tasks on BigCommerce. Let’s find out!

What technology has helped online merchants automate repetitive tasks

1. Schedule promotion offer time

Do you want to offer discounted items, promotional codes, banner ads at any point in time? It’s not a fun job when you have to wait until you want to launch them to be able to deliver them to customers. Automation technology will do it for you, what you need to do is schedule your preferred time.

2. Autosend email marketing

Thanks to automation technology, manual tasks such as selecting a list of people to send emails to are also greatly facilitated. Artificial intelligence will learn from the data of your buying customers and then they will recognize different member types. It automatically lists out for you, your task is just clicking to send the email. Very simple! You can send email marketing to customers, including these activities:

  • Automate sending email marketing based on a variety of customer behaviors
  • Automate sending email for new customers
  • Automate sending email to customers based on product availability

And much more useful functions that automation can do for online merchants

3. Track product performance

Do you want to know at the same time which of your products are selling best and selling bad? And in the easiest way?

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Imagine your store has hundreds, or even thousands of products, the low inventory status in your warehouse is really hard to see them all. It will be a pity that your item has an inventory of 0 that has not been discovered yet. As a result, your customers may complain about being out of stock, or your revenue will suffer. And yet, finding your items in short supply also helps you order more from suppliers and get them in stock in a timely manner. One automation app on BigCommerce – Atom8 will help you with this – It will notify you when orders are in short supply or out-of-stock via email. You can discover it here:

internal CTA atom8 1Atom8 automates all your repetitive tasks to save hours of working.

With this app, it has become extremely easy to identify all the best sellers and the products that bring you little revenue. A very good point of Atom8 is that it can automatically link to Google Spreadsheet, creating a list of sales statistics for you. Therefore, you can have a better overview of any item sales volume. Consequently, you can also rely on the data provided to come up with better strategies, reap more benefits.

4. Order management

You can’t monitor what products customers put in their shopping cart but haven’t paid money for a while. That will affect your sales to other customers. The system will reject unpaid products from customers for a certain period of time.

In addition, you will get notified when

  • There is a suspicious email domain
  • Customers make a purchase of abnormally large quantities
  • Customers in a specific group make a purchase
  • Unfulfilled products after several days
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5. Categorize product

When your store has a new product, do you want to categorize them into luxury, high-value products, or more affordable, best value for money products? By using Atom8, this app will automate these repetitive tasks to help you categorize them into separate categories, within the price range you want.

6. Modify product presence

We’ll go back a little to part 3. Track product performance. Once you know what action you need to do with each product, what you need to do is figuring out the next step in the strategy. It could be removing products that are below the sales threshold and out-of-stock products, or push the best selling product to the top of the results page? All of that is simple, it will help you clear your product portfolio, making room for products that bring you more benefits.

7. Segment potential customers

It’s well worth it when your loyal customers need to receive more special offers and receive more preferential services – right? With this technology, they will automatically assign each type of customer into a specific class (perhaps based on the number of orders, or how much they spend with your store, their business types…) to send email to customers to inform them about the new tier. Also, notify the customer service team so that they can send a personalized “thank you” email to the customers.


To wrap up, technology has helped people automate repetitive tasks. If you are looking for a solution to increase productivity, profit and reduce working time for your business, the solution is one of the bright keys. Those seemingly boring and tiring jobs, thanks to technology, are a thing of the past! I hope you can find something useful after reading this article.

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