eCommerce Personalization Best Examples

eCommerce personalization examples


Personalization is among the most commonly used tactics by marketers these days to engage with customers. In this article, we’ll go through the best eCommerce personalization examples by top retailers and explain how these help them achieve their target.

Use intelligent product-detail page (PDP) suggestions 

PDP suggestions display identical or complementary items to what a customer’s already interested in. You can use competitive up-selling to your advantage by recommending more expensive products with a similar design or brand. 

It is also easier to cross-selling on PDPs. Set up a recommendation system to showcase complementary products and encourage online shoppers to add to their carts. For example, Urbanara suggests specific home accessories that are identical to the items in their customers’ carts.

Urbanara blanket recommendation

Extra benefits for regular customers

One of Netflix’s most powerful features is “continue watching”. This could also be applicable for eCommerce companies for better growth. 

Instead of manually searching and scanning through images, Netflix allows you to pick up where you left off with a single click. Similarly, the system would stores information regarding the visitor’s previously selected objects, making it easier for them to pick up right where they left off. So even though this isn’t a highly complex algorithm, it’s useful to make the purchase journey much simpler.

Build customized bestseller lists

Best-selling always entice people — consider the allure of the bestseller list in chart-based economies like books and music. It’s better to present the bestsellers with a twist, specifically by including the dimension of time. Depending on how much traffic you have, you can show the bestselling items over the last 24 hours or zoom in on the last hour.

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One of the best examples for personalization by eCommerce merchants is highlighting the most reviewed items or segmenting by location instead of rating products by revenue. If you’re selling clothes in various climates, displaying best sellers by location is particularly useful. Your customers from Los Angeles are unlikely to shop for the same products as your customers from New York City during winter. Discover what works best for your specific goods and clients.

Smart suggestions and social retargeting at the right time

Retargeting is one of the most effective tactics to be used accompanied by personalization. If a visitor leaves your site, retargeting on social media would help you reclaim their attention. However, you must choose your timing very carefully.

The longer time a visitor stays away from your site, the lower their value is. Therefore, you should have different strategies for different groups of customers. You may reduce the retargeting time to 7-14 days to engage consumers when they are still interested. It’s also crucial to consider how you handle these customers, whether it’s with items relevant to their previous purchases or simply by reminding them of your specific selling proposition in a playful manner.

One effective way to retarget shoppers at the right time is by using A.I. This would save you a lot of time and effort while preventing customers from forgetting about you and buying from a rival.



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