Valuable BigCommerce store sale reports and how to generate them

Valuable BigCommerce store sale reports and how to generate them

Sale reports are valuable as they provide information to track and analyse your store sale’s performance. In addition, these data can also be exploited to generate future strategies, budget planning, and decision-making. With such importance of sale reports, it is essential to use each type of sale reports properly on your BigCommerce store.

Valuable BigCommerce sale reports and how to generate them

1. Store Overview report

Store Overview report covers all of the essential indicators in summary, you can view it easily to have a clear view of your shop’s products’ performance results.

How to view the report?

On your BigCommerce store, go to Analytics -> Overview -> Select your preferred date range

2. Sold Products report

The Sold product report displays the information by each product sold. It helps you dig into your product catalog so that you can better evaluate its performance and make changes for better business strategies. You can drill down into this report to examine merch revenue, orders, quantity sold and visit amount.

How to view the report?

On your BigCommerce store, go to Analytics -> Merchandising -> Scroll your mouse to the lower area

3. Sales with Tax report

Sales tax is one of the most frequently ignored costs of doing business. You can effortlessly balance your accounts throughout the year or just during tax season by using the Sales Tax Report. BigCommece native function can provide this report. Read more: Bigcommerce upsell

How to view the report?

On your BigCommerce store, go to Analytics -> Sales Tax Report -> Select your preferred date range

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4. Orders Report

The Orders report gives you a quick overview of all the orders that have been placed on your website. It might help you comprehend how your orders are broken down into products, how they’re discounted, and what the average order value (AOV) is. Regularly analyzing these critical numbers and any dramatic decreases or rises over time will help you understand how total orders affect sale growth.

How to view the report?

On your BigCommerce store, go to Analytics -> Orders

5. Sale Report divided by specific fields: time period, product name, brand, etc.

Sale report divided by specific fields has been questioned by BigCommerce merchants as these advanced reports do not exist on BigCommerce’s original functions. Instead, some BigCommerce outsource apps, such as Atom8 can help you generate such reports. One of the bright advantages of the app: It can connect with Google Spreadsheets, this is a very helpful function for merchants to evaluate sale aspects based on the mass data.

How to view the report?

First, you need to install Atom8 by GritGlobal app, click Get This App here to install

After finishing the first step, on your BigCommerce store, go to Apps -> Atom8 by GritGlobal -> Go to Workflow on the top  -> Create -> Blank Workflow -> Create the workflow like the picture below:

By creating this workflow, after each time a product is ordered, Atom8 will export data to linked Google Spreadsheet file. You can use ‘Filter’ on Google Spreadsheet to view customized data by sold time, product name, brand, tax, inventory level and many more. Hence it will be much easier to evaluate every aspect of each product and plan for the next steps. Here are a few variables that Atom8 can export to Google Spreadsheet:

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Final note

One of the most important BigCommerce sale reports have been listed in this article to help you evaluate past results and plan for the next steps. However, if you’re looking for any other customized sale reports, don’t hesitate to contact us for further help!


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