5 ways to use upsell and cross-sell in your marketing campaigns

upsell cross sell marketing

To boost sales and increase your revenues, you may need to consider adopting upsell and cross-sale into your marketing campaigns. This combination can help you take advantage of upselling, cross-sell, and your marketing campaigns to get the most effective results in customer attraction and engagement. Our article today will give you five approaches to do so with detailed explanations and instructions.

5 Approaches To Take Advantage Of Upsell And Cross-Sell In Marketing

Cart Abandonment Reduction

Cart abandonment happens when the customers hesitate to finish their orders and leave their online shopping cart. There are a lot of reasons for it but the most popular and marketing-related ones are expensive prices and some negative reviews.

Firstly, to eliminate the “expensive prices” reasons, you can send an email marketing to customers with the reminder of the cart abandonment. Traditionally, a sentence like “Maybe you forgot!” can work in this case; however, to upsell, you may need another method. For example, besides the reminders, you can suggest some similar products but have more affordable prices. This can help the customers re-think and be able to buy them. 

Secondly, when negative reviews prevent customers from buying products, you may need to show more positive reviews in your marketing emails (besides the reminders).

Customers Re-attraction

The two most crucial parts of a marketing campaign are attracting new customers and re-engaging existing ones. To come up with the most practical and effective re-attraction strategies, you may need to utilize selling report and purchase history to offer them new products and services which need the demand and match their preferences.  

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If the customers visited and placed orders at stores but they canceled due to some reason, you may need to identify the problems. Then offer them the products or discounts which can fix those issues to bring them back to your stores after the cancellation. 

Special Deals For Returning Customers

The popular mistakes we usually make are focusing on new customers and ignoring the existing customers so we only have a short-term customer relationship and a lack of loyal customers. To eliminate this mistake, the sellers need to establish more discount and promotion programs to motivate and encourage returning customers to continue shopping at their stores instead of becoming new customers of the competitors.

Email Reminder

You have already used email reminders for order and shipping confirmation, but this is also a chance for you to upsell and cross-sell. You can recommend some more products which are related to the product they have bought. This can motivate them to buy more and improve their user experience. If you use BigCommerce platform, product recommendation app of GritGlobal can be the wonderful options for your to upsell effortlessly

Welcome new customers

Welcoming email marketings or pop-up banners is a strategic approach to engage customers the first time they visit your store. You can take advantage of the initial interaction to cross sale and up sale. You may start with quick questions to survey their interests and suggest related and well-match products and services. Also, you can offer them subscriptions and receive information from your stores with special deals and promotions to encourage them to connect and keep in touch for a long-term relationship.

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From our recommendation, you can adopt some upsell and cross-sell approaches into your marketing campaigns with promising results and achievements. Let’s do it right now!


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