5 biggest B2B eCommerce mistakes to avoid

b2b ecommerce mistakes

B2B eCommerce has been developed rapidly over the last few years and created a significant change in the market, even more obviously under the impact of Covid 19. This market caters to a large number of businesses around the world who are seeking and selling anything and everything. From software and hardware to medical equipment, electrical components, specialized equipment, and other niche products. This rapid change, nevertheless created a number of mistakes made by B2B stores when preparing for their launch. These mistakes may not derail your entire campaign, but they can make it far harder to start seeing results. As a matter of fact, this article will point out the 5 biggest B2B eCommerce mistakes to avoid.  Poor product content A commonly made mistake in consumer and business eCommerce, poor product content can do far more damage than you may realize. You may have a fully developed online store that is functional and even mobile-friendly. If product pages content is not well written in terms of descriptions and images, it will be so hard for you to actually raise on the conversion. However, if product descriptions are copied over from the manufacturer’s description, overly cryptic, badly written, not optimized for SEO, too short, then they cannot optimize the engagement from customers to convert them from a viewer to a lead. Likewise, if product images are of poor quality, you are also losing out on potential sales. For example, taken from one angle only, or too small to provide any detail, No sales team support Your product descriptions may be close to perfect, but if you do not have your sales and marketing teams aligned you will soon notice an impact on your conversion. Not in a good way, either. You will need full support from your sales team for successful implementation. Many sales teams feel threatened by the rise of B2B eCommerce, worrying that they may end up losing commissions when customers place orders online, which is one of the big mistakes. Rather than trying to replace your sales team, find ways of working together. No integration with other systems B2B eCommerce, though quite different compared to B2C, without a doubt. However, it is never a good idea to see B2B eCommerce as something that stands in isolation.  Though B2B online orders are growing big and moving from offline to online, still offline contributes to most of the sales in the market. Therefore, undergoing this change, the most proper way is to integrate your online strategies with your other systems. For example ERP, order management, CRM, etc. Then, you will be able to get the best of both online and offline sales. To see optimal results, it is best to integrate your systems and teams – marketing, design, mobile, UX, branding, buyers, PR, and sales. When this happens, with incorporated B2B strategies in your bigger systems, you will see far better returns.  Lack of mobile optimization Another common mistake is failing to consider mobile. Even on the B2B platform, there is a large number of people use mobile devices to browse products — that includes consumer and business markets. As a matter of fact, your store needs to not only be visually attractive, but also, should act as a fully functional store that can be used to add products to the cart, favorite items, and even complete purchases.  Mobile commerce is rapidly growing and stores that are not optimizing for mobile will miss out on the potential for increased sales. It’s also worth noting that many B2B customers expect to have the same experience that they would on a B2C eCommerce site. Failing to provide such an experience could end up prompting potential customers to head to a supplier who offers a better mobile experience. No multi-channel approach Even worse than a non-responsive mobile store is a lack of a multi-channel approach. Mobile and web make up just two channels. There are many other channels that provide a huge range of selling opportunities for B2B retailers. Lead nurturing, email marketing, SEO, social media, online advertising, and marketing automation all form part of an effective multi-channel strategy. Your B2B strategy should align with your other channels or does not support your broader digital marketing goals. Or else, you will battle to see a return on your investment. Conclusion Above are the 5 biggest B2B eCommerce mistakes that retailers need to avoid during the transition from brick-and-mortar stores to digital platforms. We hope that you find yourself a tip to come up with a strategy that works for your store. Once applied properly, you will soon see a change in your sales results. Moreover, if you are on Magento and looking for a B2B solution, you are at the right place. Try our B2B platform for optimal user experiences and order process:

How To Upsell On BigCommerce

upsell bigcommerce

Today, upselling is no longer a strange method with BigCommerce sellers. Upselling has brought a lot of merits to the business runners. Such as accelerating customer satisfaction and engagement, boosting sales, and so on. However, to achieve flying color results, you may need to have suitable and practical approaches to adopt upsell strategies in your BigCommerce store. Therefore, our article today will show you what you can do to take advantage of upselling with detailed instructions. Approaches To Upsell On BigCommerce Display Product Reviews As you know, product reviews are considered a reliable source of customers when they need more realistic product descriptions. Among comments and feedbacks about products, the customers may find a lot of opinions from various aspects. From extremely negative to totally positive. Then, they can have a lot of information to make buying decisions firmly instead of relying on your advertisement. As these sometimes lacks persuasive and trustworthiness.  Boost Sales On Hot Products Customers tend to follow the trends, they are quite willing to buy bestsellers, which have great functions and have a large number of positive reviews. Therefore, the sellers need to boost upsell on bestsellers to enhance the effectiveness of this method and utilize it completely. Related Product Recommendation The customers will appreciate if they encounter some pop-up product recommendations which meet their demands or are actually what they are looking for. To do so, you need to analyze and forecast carefully based on current trends, upcoming trends, customer portfolio and their behaviours. Also, you may need to use tools to track their behaviours on your online stores, such as time spent, order value, recent searching, etc., export those data into a spreadsheet, analyze and decide what they need to pop up suggestions during their visiting. Concurrently, you may need to reduce the irrelevant advertisement to avoid disturbing customers and reducing their satisfaction. If you use BigCommerce platform, product recommendation app of GritGlobal can be a wonderful option for your to upsell effortlessly. By learning customer behaviors and automating recommendations, the app can boost your sales and satisfaction. Check it out here: The app is an easy-to-use and flexible upsell/cross-sell solution. Utilize App These tools can help add more functions to your website for a specific purpose. There is a type of plugin that can support you to classify your products and link them on other pages based on coincidences such as product lines, price, functions, and so on. Also, your upselling approach can be automated and help you save a lot of time and effort. To exploit the benefits of upselling, you need to control and manage apps carefully. Especially, ensure an easy-to-use interface and smooth manipulation. Honestly, the plugin is a powerful tool to maintain and enhance long-term customer relationships. That help sellers to comprehend customers needs, concerns, and pain points and then come up with suitable upselling strategies. As a result, you can solve all the customer-related problems and boost your revenues to the maximum. Conclusion Whether you have already adopted upselling into your BigCommerce store or not, we really hope that you can learn something awesome from our article. In the end, we believe that you can improve customer satisfaction, increase your revenues and develop your business with our tips.

5 ways to use upsell and cross-sell in your marketing campaigns

upsell cross sell marketing

To boost sales and increase your revenues, you may need to consider adopting upsell and cross-sale into your marketing campaigns. This combination can help you take advantage of upselling, cross-sell, and your marketing campaigns to get the most effective results in customer attraction and engagement. Our article today will give you five approaches to do so with detailed explanations and instructions. 5 Approaches To Take Advantage Of Upsell And Cross-Sell In Marketing Cart Abandonment Reduction Cart abandonment happens when the customers hesitate to finish their orders and leave their online shopping cart. There are a lot of reasons for it but the most popular and marketing-related ones are expensive prices and some negative reviews. Firstly, to eliminate the “expensive prices” reasons, you can send an email marketing to customers with the reminder of the cart abandonment. Traditionally, a sentence like “Maybe you forgot!” can work in this case; however, to upsell, you may need another method. For example, besides the reminders, you can suggest some similar products but have more affordable prices. This can help the customers re-think and be able to buy them.  Secondly, when negative reviews prevent customers from buying products, you may need to show more positive reviews in your marketing emails (besides the reminders). Customers Re-attraction The two most crucial parts of a marketing campaign are attracting new customers and re-engaging existing ones. To come up with the most practical and effective re-attraction strategies, you may need to utilize selling report and purchase history to offer them new products and services which need the demand and match their preferences.   If the customers visited and placed orders at stores but they canceled due to some reason, you may need to identify the problems. Then offer them the products or discounts which can fix those issues to bring them back to your stores after the cancellation.  Special Deals For Returning Customers The popular mistakes we usually make are focusing on new customers and ignoring the existing customers so we only have a short-term customer relationship and a lack of loyal customers. To eliminate this mistake, the sellers need to establish more discount and promotion programs to motivate and encourage returning customers to continue shopping at their stores instead of becoming new customers of the competitors. Email Reminder You have already used email reminders for order and shipping confirmation, but this is also a chance for you to upsell and cross-sell. You can recommend some more products which are related to the product they have bought. This can motivate them to buy more and improve their user experience. If you use BigCommerce platform, product recommendation app of GritGlobal can be the wonderful options for your to upsell effortlessly Welcome new customers Welcoming email marketings or pop-up banners is a strategic approach to engage customers the first time they visit your store. You can take advantage of the initial interaction to cross sale and up sale. You may start with quick questions to survey their interests and suggest related and well-match products and services. Also, you can offer them subscriptions and receive information from your stores with special deals and promotions to encourage them to connect and keep in touch for a long-term relationship. Conclusion From our recommendation, you can adopt some upsell and cross-sell approaches into your marketing campaigns with promising results and achievements. Let’s do it right now!

Best cross-selling examples for eCommerce store

bigCommerce cross sell

You may have different target customer groups to serve and sell products. Therefore, you need to focus on many groups at the same time that may lead to some obstacles and mistakes. Cross-selling which promotes relevant products will help you to do well in two customer groups. For example, by bundling or showing well-matched products. Our article today will introduce to you the best cross-selling examples which you can learn from and improve your sales strategy. Best cross-selling examples you can learn from Amazon It is widespread as a global marketplace that sells various products and services for customers all over the world. Amazon is one of the best examples of cross-selling. Besides presenting related products based on customers’ purchase history or background, Amazon also displays some similar products. They might be bought by the customers who have the same interests, behaviors, activities on this platform. This approach not only brings the most accurate product recommendation but also gives the customer complete suggestions which are beyond what they need. To do the same way, you may need to utilize and advance customer data to analyze and come up with effective product suggestion strategies. Lush Lush, which is famous for selling organic, fresh, hand-made, and high-quality products, is also a remarkable example of cross-selling. The best sellers include shampoos, body washes, and bath bombs and they take advantage of them by presenting those products with positive reviews and selling status. Below each product, Lush added some sentences such as “Emerging bath bomb” to catch customers’ attention and persuade them to put the items into their shopping cart. To adopt this method into your business, you may need to utilize selling data and plan branding strategies. Apple This example comes from a famous smart device brand, Apple. Unlike two other brands, Apple has utilized cross-selling in a traditional way. When you put the products into shopping carts, Apply will pop up some additional accessories which may support your product when used to enhance your experience. This approach is pretty simple but the sellers, who buy technological products, should learn from Apple to boost their sales and enhance their customer care. Vans Vans is a shoe brand that offers various kinds of sneakers, slip-ons to customers around the world. Besides, Vans is also famous for other products such as clothes and accessories. The reason why they succeed in making customers pay more attention to other products is cross-selling. Like Apple, at the checkout stage, Vans will suggest to you some relevant items which have a more affordable price or compelling discount when buying together. IKEA IKEA is a representative of best cross-selling examples from the furniture industry. While the customers usually design their home following a unified style, IKEA offers them a chance to buy their collection with more special deals and offers rather than buying separate items. This approach can help the customers to save a lot of time and effort going around, collecting single products, and finishing high bills. Conclusion With our example of best cross-selling brands from different industries, we hope that you can choose the best-fitted approach. Moreover, they can help improve your stores’ cross-selling as well as raise brand awareness and revenues.

Should you invest in Magento Commerce cloud?

magento commerce cloud

Magento Commerce Cloud is a cutting-edge platform where every activity on it is conducted via Cloud manipulation. This innovative platform can alleviate their sellers’ concerns about security and complicated tasks. This is because it creates a secure environment and easy to use. Perhaps you may have some questions about this new edition, our article today will help you to draw a more transparent picture of the Magento Commerce Cloud.  Ultimate Guide On Magento Commerce cloud Essential Features The most remarkable feature of the Magento Commerce Cloud is the Eco-tool Package which is a combination of scalable deployments equipment that sticks to sellers’ demands. Along with this package, there are some crips and commands such as cron management, project configuration, customized patches and fixes, etc.. which are easy to use and can totally help you to run and monitor your Magento tasks smoothly.  A cloud-hosted platform is a place where all the data is stored. It can also be used on various computers and other devices to run programs. There are various advantages these new platforms bring to Magento sellers. The cloud-hosted platform can help you increase server uptime, reduce risks caused by mistakes and bugs. Also, the business runners only need to spend money on service and resources without any other manufacturing cost. This platform, besides having more-protected security, is more flexible as it allows the sellers to customize and integrate on the website as they like.  Moreover, it offers various functions for the business runners such as quick checkout options, B2B shared catalog, and so on.  Advantages Magento Commerce Cloud provides a fulfilled customization ability as both Open Source and Commerce editions.  With PCI requirements, your store has a fully secured payment process and business information.  You may witness the robust performance of your store. This is because it is equipped with various tools such as New Relic services, Blackfire.io, ElasticSearch and Fastly CDN. Each of them has different functions that can go along with your business tasks and enhance every step to boost productivity. Disadvantages You may encounter some obstacles when trying to access the third party application while using Magento Commerce Cloud. Also, this is also a pretty expensive platform compared to other solutions on the market. The expense for big and medium-sized businesses ranges from $40,000 to $190,000 every year that you need to prepare a firm and sustainable capital source. Moreover, the time you need to wait for support when having problems during your operation is quite long. If you run on Open Source, you can try the B2B platform from GritGlobal as a solution for customizing and saving a huge amount of costs for your business. Check it out here: Will Magento Commerce Cloud Meet Your Requirement? You may have your required features checklist when choosing a platform. If you have the following needs, Magento Commerce Cloud can be a well-matched factor for your business success.  Consistent Production Deployment  Various B2B functions Customization Diversified supported tools High security, smooth performance Omnichannel experience  Conclusion With our information, we hope that you can comprehend Magento Commerce Cloud and take advantage of it if your business is really suitable. 

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