Should you invest in Magento Commerce cloud?

magento commerce cloud

Magento Commerce Cloud is a cutting-edge platform where every activity on it is conducted via Cloud manipulation. This innovative platform can alleviate their sellers’ concerns about security and complicated tasks. This is because it creates a secure environment and easy to use. Perhaps you may have some questions about this new edition, our article today will help you to draw a more transparent picture of the Magento Commerce Cloud. 

Ultimate Guide On Magento Commerce cloud

Essential Features

The most remarkable feature of the Magento Commerce Cloud is the Eco-tool Package which is a combination of scalable deployments equipment that sticks to sellers’ demands. Along with this package, there are some crips and commands such as cron management, project configuration, customized patches and fixes, etc.. which are easy to use and can totally help you to run and monitor your Magento tasks smoothly. 

A cloud-hosted platform is a place where all the data is stored. It can also be used on various computers and other devices to run programs. There are various advantages these new platforms bring to Magento sellers. The cloud-hosted platform can help you increase server uptime, reduce risks caused by mistakes and bugs. Also, the business runners only need to spend money on service and resources without any other manufacturing cost. This platform, besides having more-protected security, is more flexible as it allows the sellers to customize and integrate on the website as they like. 

Moreover, it offers various functions for the business runners such as quick checkout options, B2B shared catalog, and so on. 


Magento Commerce Cloud provides a fulfilled customization ability as both Open Source and Commerce editions. 

With PCI requirements, your store has a fully secured payment process and business information. 

You may witness the robust performance of your store. This is because it is equipped with various tools such as New Relic services,, ElasticSearch and Fastly CDN. Each of them has different functions that can go along with your business tasks and enhance every step to boost productivity.


You may encounter some obstacles when trying to access the third party application while using Magento Commerce Cloud. Also, this is also a pretty expensive platform compared to other solutions on the market. The expense for big and medium-sized businesses ranges from $40,000 to $190,000 every year that you need to prepare a firm and sustainable capital source. Moreover, the time you need to wait for support when having problems during your operation is quite long.

If you run on Open Source, you can try the B2B platform from GritGlobal as a solution for customizing and saving a huge amount of costs for your business. Check it out here:

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Will Magento Commerce Cloud Meet Your Requirement?

You may have your required features checklist when choosing a platform. If you have the following needs, Magento Commerce Cloud can be a well-matched factor for your business success. 

  • Consistent Production Deployment 
  • Various B2B functions
  • Customization
  • Diversified supported tools
  • High security, smooth performance
  • Omnichannel experience 


With our information, we hope that you can comprehend Magento Commerce Cloud and take advantage of it if your business is really suitable. 


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