5 Must-have Productivity Software To Scale Your Ecommerce Store

High productivity is one of the most desirable achievements when doing business. There are a lot of ways to boost your eCommerce operation, and productivity software may be the easiest one. However, how to choose the best fit software for your own eCommerce store among various choices on the market can make you sick.

We have examined and selected the 5 most robust productivity apps and we are ready to give you our results, which include overviews and reviews for each one.

5 Hottest Productivity Software For A Robust Ecommerce Store


Atom8 is one of the most outstanding automation apps on BigCommerce, Shopify, and Magento (coming soon). At a reasonable price, Atom8 provides a wide range of features from order classifications, customer management, real-time notification, data management, integration to web content management. Therefore, your business will do all tasks related to marketing, customer service, and operations that can help your staff stay productive on one platform and do various things. 

Although it offers a lot of powerful functions, its manipulation and usage are pretty simple. Moreover, Atom8 can be totally compatible with your eCommerce store platforms which can help you easily use, automate and manage your eCommerce workflows


Trello is a project management application, with all things displayed on a big board. It is suitable for both professional project management and personal use. With several parts on the general board, you can group relevant tasks into each part and manage them more easily. 

To visualize the process status, you only need to drag each part to a suitable progress point and other members can know what has been done and what needs to be done. 

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Moreover, Trello can sync to all of your devices as it has editions on online and mobile app platforms and thus you can connect with your tasks wherever you like.


Notion is the place for your team to work together. It is truly an easy-to-use app that covers three formats: online, desktop, and mobile app. You can create documents, small notes, manage projects and discuss tasks. 

Moreover, Notion allows you to form schedules, update checklists and progress statuses to help teammates keep track of business tasks. It also offers a free edition with limited features and more advanced packages at reasonable prices.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has come with various formats, from the web to app and desktop to mobile, that can allow the users to connect with their teams whenever and wherever. 

Besides the smooth video call, lively stickers, joyful emoji in the chatbox, Microsoft Teams is the best-integrated app with Microsoft Office, which contains Word, Excel, etc. This feature will allow your staff to do different daily tasks on one app and help them stay productive. 

Moreover, Microsoft Teams also help you to contact external groups, such as your partner companies, via Team Calling. There are four pricing plans for users: Free, Basic, Pro, and Office 365 E3.


The Covid-19 has opened chances for remote working and your eCommerce stores may need productivity software to gather staff in a virtual workplace and Friday will help you to do that. With the board including detailed schedules, task descriptions, updated information, Friday can help your team follow up on what is going on, arrange meetings and become well-connected. 

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Also, it is able to integrate with other apps like Google calendar, professional tech-apps, that allow your team to do various tasks within one platform. It offers a free edition with limited functions, if you want to experience more, you need to pay around 6 dollars per month. 


To choose the most suitable productivity software, you should pay attention to your eCommerce store needs and your working styles. Moreover, to make your investment become valuable, it would be better to choose a multi-functional app that can help you do various tasks on only one platform.


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