What To Look For In An eCommerce Automation Platform

What to look for in an eCommerce automation platform

Running an eCommerce store is not easy, especially when your business extends. You have to carry out a chain of both repetitive tasks and non-repetitive ones, from marketing to shipping. That explains the reason why an eCommerce automation platform has become a powerful tool for companies to achieve their success in recent years.


Why is automation important for eCommerce?

eCommerce automaton is any digital or technologically-driven task triggered by an action or non-action from your customer or your team. It combines the right processes, software, and people necessary to automate the entire order fulfillment process, from the time a customer hits the “submit order” button to the delivery of that item.

eCommerce automation is important for businesses because it helps save time, save money, and increase customer satisfaction. Automating repetitive activities help things run smoothly and quickly, then free up the time you spend on them and concentrate on more critical ones. Besides, automation helps minimize errors you may make, so you don’t have to spend on fixing the errors. Finally, automation is a key to enhance customer’s experience by simplifying and customizing every process. Therefore, they will make further purchases and stay with you for a long time.


What to look for in an eCommerce automation platform?

Once you’ve decided to implement automation, it can be overwhelming to choose the best platform for your business. No matter what you choose, you’ll want to seek a platform that can optimize your business with the following features:

Automate business workflow

The first thing that you should look at a platform is how it automates your business workflow. With an eCommerce business, workflow automation is even more essential than any other kind of business, as its success depends hugely on speed and accuracy. The platform should not only handle manual and repetitive tasks for you, but also execute important tasks of the eCommerce business such as low stock alerts, abandoned cart reminders, or automatically publishing a product, and more. When a customer places an order, the system will automatically group him to a list and send a confirmation. 

Automate marketing tasks

eCommerce often carries out repetitive tasks for marketing campaigns. So, an ideal platform needs to help you with the execution of these activities. Some automation a platform should have for your marketing campaign is segmentation customers, tagging customers, email marketing, promoting, etc. A good platform will integrate your social media and publish content on a timeline you set.

Allow advanced automation logic for complex eCommerce scenarios

This feature is another dispensable one of an automation app. The ability to automate logically more complicated tasks, not only simple ones, deserves one of the most powerful automation tools. For instance, when your customers placed an order but the warehouse is empty, your app will automatically generate a unique discount code. It will keep your customers happy and encourage them to come back to make a new purchase in the future. One more important thing, the app should be flexible and open to working well on any required business workflows without limitation.

Connect and automate other apps

Your online store may be run and supported by many other apps such as Mailchimp, ShipStation, HubSpot, etc. Therefore, your automation platform should let you connect and feed data to these integrated apps without switching, resulting in improving the efficiency of the business operation.

Having available pre-built templates

This is critical for businesses that are not too big or do not specialize in something like writing code. Assuming that the platform doesn’t have pre-built templates, you’ll have to build the template by yourself or outsource, which increases your costs and your effort.

Easy to use and protect from frauds

A platform, of course, needs to be friendly with users. A platform that is easy to use and works smoothly without any interruption or errors helps you to optimize procedures and reduce your operational costs. A fraud detection automatically function will help you minimize errors, detect and prevent potential risks immediately during various transactions.


Final note

There are many providers to choose the one that supplies you with the best eCommerce automation platform. However, before making a decision, you should look at what kind of your business and your products are, and what your business’s long-term destination is. It will result in automating your eCommerce effectively, helping to boost your business growth. Our Atom8 may be the solution that you are seeking. Check out more on our website to see how our automation platform can help your business.


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