How to automate your ecommerce business

how to automate your ecommerce business

Time is a valuable commodity and, once wrongly used, cannot be recalled. For an eCommerce store owner, you are constantly confronted or competing with many tasks. You need to get the right product for your website, attend to customers, process and dispatch packages, fulfill orders and payments, and even stay on top of your marketing goals.

All of these can drain you down; if you run a small store, it might look easy, but the demand becomes more as you scale. How do you handle all of these activities that involve bringing more customers while keeping track of other things? eCommerce automation is the answer to automate your business from the manual process.

What is eCommerce Automation?

Automation is the future of every business, and it is wise for any serious business to start thinking that way. eCommerce automation involves using software to handle manual tasks. It is a way of automating your business’s manual processes, such as sending automated emails, creating new support tickets, handling orders, supplies, etc.

If you are concerned about the place of employees when using automation, you need to understand that eCommerce automation doesn’t fire employees; instead, it saves time and resources you would have used.

How to automate your eCommerce business

Peradventure, you still don’t see any reason to automate your eCommerce business; here are five ways to automate your eCommerce business to boost sales and improve efficiency.

Track and reward engaging customers

Do you have a reward system to reward your best customers? How well have you implemented it? Customer retention is a valuable asset for any business; interestingly, if you have customer retention of 5%, you can increase your sales and profit by 50%.

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There are several ways to reward your customers automatically. You can offer special offers such as free delivery or gift on orders above a specific amount. You have various tools to do this, such as ActiveCampaign that allows you to segment your customers based on their spending.

Synchronize your customers to a mail list

What email integration software do you use for your store? The two popular eCommerce platforms are Shopify and WooCommerce; they have native integrations with Mailchimp, sending emails and newsletters. Integrating your store with Mailchimp will enable you to automatically pass customers’ email addresses to your email list to send updates of the latest products.

Collect feedback after purchases

The importance of reviews and feedback is priceless for any eCommerce store. This feedbacks can positively or negatively affect your business because one disgruntled customer can pass their bad experience to others. Therefore, you need to leverage reviews by setting up automated feedbacks and opinions of what your customers want to see. Give them the option of telling you how best you want them to be served.

React out to reviews

It doesn’t matter if it is a positive or negative review; you should reach out to them. It is bound to happen that you will get a 1-star review; therefore, you need to set up an automation system that allows you to quickly reach out and handle the matter.

If you are looking for an eCommerce automation tool, be sure to check out our solution Atom8: BigCommerce automation and Shopify automation.

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