What are the best Bigcommerce marketing automation tools?

Best Bigcommerce marketing automation tool

Nowadays, many BigCommerce stores gradually go automation to maximize the efficiency of the operation, including several marketing processes. To conduct automation effectively supports from marketing automation tools is essential. Therefore, we are here today to suggest the best BigCommerce marketing automation tools that you should add to your eCommerce stores. 

Best Marketing Automation Tools You Should Never Miss


What are the best Bigcommerce marketing automation tools in the market?

The most outstanding choice for your BigCommerce marketing automation tool is Atom8, which comes from GritGlobal. Atom8 possesses many functions to help your store conduct different marketing tasks. Powerful marketing approaches aim at the target customers rather than cover all the possible audiences. Atom8 can help you define specific customer segments based on accurate sales activity records, including order value, lifetime spends, and follow-up interactions on various marketing channels. As a result, BigCommerce businesses can come up with well-matched marketing strategies for different customer groups. Also, Atom8 can help you communicate easily with customers. The application will send real-time notifications to provide information to customers about their orders, promotion programs, and other issues.

Moreover, Atom8 can automatically public and hide your blogs or articles on the scheduled time, so you will no longer be online to post and repost the contents. This function becomes useful on promotion days as it can automatically apply a percent discount to selected products as pre-setted. 


What are the best Bigcommerce marketing automation tools in the market?

The second option for this best BigCommerce marketing automation tool list is Alloy. You can take advantage of this automation application to consolidate and transform data and help you generate insights from customer interactions. Alloy can help you eliminate boring tasks and focus on more meaningful marketing processes such as planning marketing campaigns.

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With Alloy, you can do various things as it can integrate with more than one hundred apps on BigCommerce platforms. Therefore, you can stay on one and complete your tasks without distractions. 


What are the best Bigcommerce marketing automation tools in the market?

Another BigCommerce marketing automation tool that makes you feel easier to do marketing tasks is Zapier. Like other kinds of applications, Zapier can help you with repetitive, boring, and simple tasks so you can invest time on more crucial things. Zapier is famous for its ability to manage projects, control a team and keep track of group work to ensure smooth and on-schedule processes. It can connect your work with Google Calendar or Microsoft Office to visualize working procedures, so the people in charge can work more effectively and bring expected results for your marketing campaigns.


What are the best Bigcommerce marketing automation tools in the market?

The final one of our best BigCommerce marketing automation tools list is MESA. MESA can connect different apps to support your marketing procedures so you can complete your marketing process with other systems without jumping among them. The automation ability of MESA is also powerful, which can help you improve productivity and human-made errors, so you can feel simple to hit your marketing target.

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Finding the best BigCommerce marketing automation tools is not just a simple task. You need to review your business requirements and features to choose the most suitable app to bring your BigCommerce stores to the next level.

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