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Statistics show that every $1 spent in email marketing could drive a return on investment (ROI) of approximately $42. This tool is particularly useful for lead generation, sales, and leads nurturing. Recently, a new tactic has been widely adopted named email marketing automation. It allows online marketers to send customer groups information from the store backend to another platform. The goal is to deliver personalized messages based on predetermined times and conditions. The tool possesses great efficiency. The question is how to integrate it with your e-commerce platform. 

What is the problem? 

Email marketing is indeed one of the most effective modern marketing tactics. However, it takes time to upload the customer list from your store to an email marketing platform. If you want to update the email list regularly, you have to repeat downloading and entering data lots of times. 

It gets worse when it comes to welcome or thank you letters. This type of email needs sending out immediately after the customer creates an account or places an order. Otherwise, it couldn’t acquire the expected effect. But it’s never easy to fill in customer information one by one, especially when your business has thousands of visitors per day. 

Therefore, you need a solution that helps pull all data into the email marketing platform every time it is updated in the store backends. Complicated as it may sound, it is totally doable with Atom8 Automation. 

How to send customer groups to email marketing platforms with Atom8? 

Atom8 is an automation platform that allows users to convert repetitive tasks into automated workflows that executes according to preexisting rules. 

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To streamline data between an e-commerce store and the email marketing platform, you need to integrate your email marketing account with Atom8. 

1. Go to Integration in the Atom8 Dashboard

2. Enter the key from your email marketing account.

Atom8 allows for incorporating MailChimp, Klaviyo, and Sendgrid. You can connect as many apps as it is convenient for your business goals. Be careful not to mistake the key from one platform to another. 

atom8 workflow to send customer groups to mailchimp

Once your account is integrated, you can set up a workflow including MailChimp, Klaviyo, or Sendgrid. For example, you want to send a welcome letter to a customer who has just created an account and offer them a discount for the first order. Firstly, prepare the template and save it on Mailchimp. Then create a workflow as follows. 

TRIGGER: When customer created

We might not need a condition for this workflow. 

ACTION: Tag customer on Mailchimp and Send email to customer via Mailchimp. 

Because your account is already linked, you will be able to see and choose all the templates available in your Mailchimp. 

Activate the workflow and you’re ready to go. 

Final note

Email marketing is always valuable to increase your business performance. With automation, it is even easy to send customer groups to your email marketing platform. Install Atom8 today and enjoy your work!

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