Trello Boards Every eCommerce Business Should Use


Trello is one of the most popular productivity tools to plan and track businesses’ activities. Trello tool uses the Kibana board and provides a simple interface to users for project-related tasks and activities. The tool is compatible with all platforms, from computer systems, laptops, to mobile phones. It uses boards, lists, and carts to simplify the process of project management. Team members can easily share these boards with others to keep track of tasks. In this article, we’ll discuss Trello boards which eCommerce businesses should use and the Trello integration which can help increase productivity.


Trello boards eCommerce businesses should use

1. Order management board

Trello order management boardOrder management is essential for your eCommerce business because it decides whether you can make orders succeed and satisfy your customers or not. With the Trello board, you can organize your order management process, make it simpler and smoother.

An order management Trello board helps you:

  • Manage customer orders and requests to keep them on flow;
  • Keep track of the orders during the process of fulfillment from packaging, sending to the carriers to completing delivery;
  • Conveniently move between the lists to update the orders’ status throughout the process.

2. Inventory management board

Trello inventory management board

This board allows you to simplify inventory management, especially when your stocks are in various areas or you have a wide range of goods to control, etc.

It helps you:

  • Know how many products are received or available;
  • Easily calculate the quantity on the stock;
  • Know when to restock items by setting minimum stock balance;
  • Automatically calculate the value of goods with the information of price.
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3. Go to market strategy board

go to market strategy board

This is a tool for you to organize your marketing launch plan easier and more smoothly. 

It can help you:

  • Seamlessly coordinate cross-team go-to-market brand and product launches;
  • Manage communication, collaboration, files, and media without switching through different apps;
  • See work getting done, who is doing what, and most importantly, what needs attention;
  • Make sure every moving part of the strategy is on track by organizing cards in a calendar view;
  • Execute effectively with a launch day checklist that clearly defines who is doing and when for faster day-of management.

4. Customer onboarding board

customer onboarding trello board

New customers usually want more information about your product, payment, or delivery policy. Therefore, customer onboarding is actually vital in building a close relationship with new customers and encouraging them to place an order.

Trello Customer Onboarding board can help you enhance the work performance:

  • Enable seamless customer onboarding by inviting new customers to a shared Trello board;
  • Create cards to share important resources like knowledge centers, guides, and customer service contact information;
  • Add onboarding tasks for new customers as they get oriented with your product;
  • Know when your customers might need help by having a clear view of their onboarding process.

5. Project management board

project management board

This board supports you with building the ideal workflow for projects you have.

You can:

  • Have all documents, designs and reference them at any time;
  • Keep your team informed of meeting schedules and answers to common questions all the time;
  • Set questions for your team at the next meeting so all the members can easily follow;
  • List assigned tasks that your team can see who is working on, what and when it is due;
  • Emphasize pending tasks and inevitable blocking issues during the implementation process of the project to concentrate on the following vital tasks;
  • Mark what your team has finished successfully.
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6. Team retrospectives board

team retrospective

Evaluating team performance is an essential task to make crucial decisions relating to your team members and the work. The board covers activities your team will continue to do, tasks that can improve, and tasks that will stop doing.

The board helps you:

  • Stay effective and remove roadblocks for success with regularly held retrospectives after every sprint;
  • Create an open and encouraging environment that puts all members on the same level;
  • Celebrate what went well, what needs improvement, and any action required to improve communication and collaboration;
  • Empower team members to vote and openly discuss the most important issues that deal with;
  • Keep distributed teams in sync by removing geographic barriers with this accessible from anywhere board.


Trello integration – How to manage tasks on Trello with Atom8

Atom8, an automation app on BigCommerce and Shopify, helps merchants to add Trello cards based on changes without checking and adding them manually. Trello integration with the Atom8 app can help online merchants increase productivity in many cases. 

Atom8 users can now automate Trello with order information to manage fulfillment tasks effectively. For example, you can add a card to notify responsible staff to fulfill new orders on time.

Add Trello card

You can connect the Trello app with some simple steps below:

  1. Open the Integration tab, find Trello, and choose an option to integrate with Trello;
  2. Enter your email, follow the instructions to connect your account;
  3. Choose to add a Trello card from the action list.


connect trello

Explore ultimate functions of Atom8 here:

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internal CTA atom8 1

The app can boost up your profit and save effort due to intelligent automation functions.

Final note

Trello boards allow eCommerce businesses to focus on the most impactful things, keeping work both effective and efficient. They are not only easy to use but also have plenty of features to satisfy businesses’ work. Furthermore, with the latest Trello integration, your productivity can also improve better. Therefore, choose the ones that match your online business.

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