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You may have different target customer groups to serve and sell products. Therefore, you need to focus on many groups at the same time that may lead to some obstacles and mistakes. Cross-selling which promotes relevant products will help you to do well in two customer groups. For example, by bundling or showing well-matched products. Our article today will introduce to you the best cross-selling examples which you can learn from and improve your sales strategy.

Best cross-selling examples you can learn from


It is widespread as a global marketplace that sells various products and services for customers all over the world. Amazon is one of the best examples of cross-selling. Besides presenting related products based on customers’ purchase history or background, Amazon also displays some similar products. They might be bought by the customers who have the same interests, behaviors, activities on this platform. This approach not only brings the most accurate product recommendation but also gives the customer complete suggestions which are beyond what they need.

amazon cross sell

To do the same way, you may need to utilize and advance customer data to analyze and come up with effective product suggestion strategies.


Lush, which is famous for selling organic, fresh, hand-made, and high-quality products, is also a remarkable example of cross-selling. The best sellers include shampoos, body washes, and bath bombs and they take advantage of them by presenting those products with positive reviews and selling status. Below each product, Lush added some sentences such as “Emerging bath bomb” to catch customers’ attention and persuade them to put the items into their shopping cart.

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lush cross sell

To adopt this method into your business, you may need to utilize selling data and plan branding strategies.


This example comes from a famous smart device brand, Apple. Unlike two other brands, Apple has utilized cross-selling in a traditional way. When you put the products into shopping carts, Apply will pop up some additional accessories which may support your product when used to enhance your experience. This approach is pretty simple but the sellers, who buy technological products, should learn from Apple to boost their sales and enhance their customer care.

apple cross sell


Vans is a shoe brand that offers various kinds of sneakers, slip-ons to customers around the world. Besides, Vans is also famous for other products such as clothes and accessories. The reason why they succeed in making customers pay more attention to other products is cross-selling. Like Apple, at the checkout stage, Vans will suggest to you some relevant items which have a more affordable price or compelling discount when buying together.

vans cross sell


IKEA is a representative of best cross-selling examples from the furniture industry. While the customers usually design their home following a unified style, IKEA offers them a chance to buy their collection with more special deals and offers rather than buying separate items. This approach can help the customers to save a lot of time and effort going around, collecting single products, and finishing high bills.

ikea cross sell


With our example of best cross-selling brands from different industries, we hope that you can choose the best-fitted approach. Moreover, they can help improve your stores’ cross-selling as well as raise brand awareness and revenues.

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