Top 5 Workflow Automation Software For Your Online Business

workflow automation software top 5

Online businesses today have started to convert manual operations to automatic ones. To upgrade their business activities, choosing suitable workflow automation software is truly important. Overwhelming among various selections is a nightmare! We have researched and found the five best workflow automation software for online businesses.

5 Hottest Workflow Automation Applications

Atom 8

Atom8 is considered one of the best workflow automation applications for any business on BigCommerce or Shopify. It can automate workflow, maximize the speed and accuracy of each assigned task. You can customize your own templates or use the pre-built templates from Atom8, which provides more than 100 templates suitable for any business activity. 

Atom8 comes with various abilities. Besides automating workflow, it can help you in order processing, customer management, real-time notifications, data management, content management, etc. 

An outstanding benefit of Atom8 is the user-friendliness, which is supportive for beginners and experts. Moreover, it is well-matched with your store’s interface and management structures. 

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Zapier may be a good choice for marketers and project managers as it can connect with more than 1000 applications related to email marketing and document sharing. It also has an accessible interface which is suitable for beginners. If you frequently do data-related tasks, it would be better to choose Zapier.

With the limitation of 100 tasks a month, you can use Zapier without any fee. Besides the essential functions, you can upgrade to Starter, Professional, Team, or Company Package to experience more advanced features. However, its price seems to be expensive for small businesses. 


AutomateMyApp can automate your operation with well-connected integration ability among apps or devices and transfer data between them. With this application, you can leave it there with pre-setting work mode, and it can help to do all the jobs. You can totally view the technical pictures of this app to understand how it works by Webhook.

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AutomateMyApp comes at a reasonable price with multi-step automation. Moreover, it is a user-friendly software that can connect with Google Sheets, Facebook, PayPal, etc. for many purposes. 


Kissflow workflow automation software can help you automate each department’s tasks such as marketing, customer service, finance, etc., based on various pre-built workflow templates. It can support you and your customers no matter when you are on PC or mobile because it can pretty fit with mobile interface. 

It allows a lot of users with proper permissions to come and use. Then, it will keep track and report what they have done for performance evaluation. 


Nintex workflow automation software is great for remote teamwork. It comes with an advanced analytics ability that can track the performance, run accurately, and make correct decisions. It offers a wide range of pricing plans, tightly following various business demands. This approach can help you invest correctly in what you truly need.

One drawback of this application is its interface. The interface is difficult to use, so it may not be suitable for beginners. Also, there are some complaints from customers that it sometimes displays error messages.


Our article has brought the top five automation software with the most impressive features, benefits, and drawbacks. We hope that you can choose one and run your online business smoothly. If you have your idea, make your decision now!


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