Workflow Automation Tips For Small Businesses

Workflow automation for small business

Automation has become an integral part of life in every way. Thus, the sooner your business embraces it, the more you’ll be equipped for future challenges. Automation takes after all the manual processes of your business. Every minute is valuable for the survival of a small business. Good time management would distinguish between failure and success. That’s why using workflow automation is a must for small businesses to maintain a smooth operation. The app helps reduce labor costs, speed up operations, and increase profits.

Saves time

A small business requires automating things to save time. It requires defining the rules and to automate the process. Workflow automation makes it easy. Using workflow automation with CRM triggers actions. It allows sending to the right person the right message, and not missing any lead.

Email Automation

Do you have all your contacts in your database and are they dormant? It means you are not making proper use of the workflow automation. Email marketing automation helps to convert leads to customers and encourages existing customers for additional upsells and purchases. You do not have to prepare generic messages, email lists, or schedule manually the events. You have to set up email automation and the rest will fall in place. For email automation:

  • Create a workflow with a specific trigger to send automated emails. In case there is a new contact, add an action to include them in the list and hand out your email accordingly.
  • Workflows may be created and customized by sending automated mail or through missed call marketing on receiving a missed call. The SMS gets automated with a trigger and there is an SMS promotional service.
  • Send a welcome email to new subscribers
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Happy Employees

Workflow automation for small businesses should be applicable for internal management. This includes vacation approvals, reimbursement of mileage and travel, and more cut into the time of employees leads to overall happiness.

Again, paper documents can easily get lost on desks, buried in email threads, or go in wastebaskets, and are forgotten.  In contrast, automation software routes the request directly to approval without the need for paperwork. You can create dynamic forms by auto-filling the fields from your SQL database with known information or avert your employees from key-in of incorrect information, like wrong dates. Automation makes it easier to address employee’s requirements faster and without unnecessary communication and manual labor.

Lead Nurturing

Collect or generate leads from multiple sources. If you are unable to manage the leads, you may be wasting time, money, and marketing resources. Send automated emails as a series to an early stage and pre-qualify them before handing them to the sales team. Workflow automation also allows for customer segmentation based on demographic and psychological information. Another way to nurture leads is to automate social media schedules.  With automation, you don’t have to worry about repetitive task anymore.


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