How To Use Task Automation Software For Ecommerce Growth

task automation software

Task automation software has become prevailing in the modern business world. It not only comes with convenience and outstanding features but also brings the companies chances to gain more profits and expand their business. However, to attain those achievements, the business runners need to comprehend the functions and characteristics of task automation software, to utilize them efficiently.

Today, we are here to bring you a transparent picture of task automation software: what they are and what they do to help your business.

What You Need To Know About Using Task Automation Software

Overview of task automation software

Task automation software is an automated application that can do your business tasks without human intervention. Applying those apps to your business activities will help your staff save a lot of time and effort, increase your productivity and thus you can invest in more valuable fields. Moreover, automatic apps can help you reduce labor costs as your staff doesn’t need to operate tasks manually. 

Order Classification

The first thing that task automation software can do for you is categorizing orders. When receiving orders from customers, it can export order information to spreadsheets with the pre-set filter to classify orders in suitable groups for further fulfilled actions. Also, this very first step helps the sellers guess and realize the potential fraudulent orders. Moreover, after processing orders, it automatically notifies the logistics services and tag orders on Shipstation to finish order fulfillment

Customer Management

Customer management includes some tasks related to maintaining customer relationships. Using the information from customer behavior tracking, task automation software can automatically tag customers who have spent a lot on the “VIP” group, which contains various merits and special deals for them.  Moreover, it can segment customers into various groups based on their total time spent and previous products to approach by more suitable marketing strategies. Also, with collected customer demand and expectations, task automation software like Atom8 can automatically send marketing emails with useful information to targeted customers.

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Real-time Notification

Most task automation software possesses the outstanding tracking ability to send notifications instantly. For instance, when an item is out of stock Atom8 can send real-time notifications to distributors or wholesalers to request a restock plan. Also, when something is delayed or faces arising problems, it will send real-time emails to let people in charge know and tackle it immediately.

Data Management

Whenever an order is placed, task automation software will instantly generate product information, export all of them to Google Sheets, and send it to the logistics services. Besides that, it can add notes (if any) on each order to make the staff and logistics supporters pay more attention and handle orders without any mistakes.

Content Management

Tasks automation software also can help businesses in terms of content management. It can help you to automatically hide or publish content posts or products. For instance, Atom8 can hide or publish products based on your customized schedule, so that you can totally monitor your content plan but do not need to follow up throughout the process. Moreover, it also allows your themes or banners to change every 2 hours. Also, Atom8 can allow the discount to automatically apply to products in special seasons, then return to the normal price after 2 days. 


It can not be denied that task automation software is a supportive companion for your business. We hope that with the information above, you can be confident to choose your best fit automation app, run your eCommerce business smoothly, and obtain desirable achievements.

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