Top 7 upselling examples to boost your eCommerce revenue

upselling examples

Upselling strategies can boost your stores’ revenues and enhance customers’ experience. However, how can you know which approaches are suitable for your business, niche product, and target customers? To do so, you need to gain more knowledge from other brands that succeeded in boosting sales with their upselling methods.
Our article today will help you to access the most successful upselling examples that you can learn from and apply to your real business contexts.

Best upselling examples you can learn from


The popular pricing plans may include three packages that people rarely choose the expensive ones. However, Spotify has approached it differently. They offer only two price options: Free and Premium. They allow customers to experience free trials and they will gain from customers’ mistakes. It is that the customers usually forget to cancel their free trial and automatically go to the Premium package. As a result, naturally, the customers have chosen the Premium plan. offers a wide range of accommodations including hotels, homestays, resorts in various price levels all over the world. Thanks to the powerful search engine, the number of products provides is up to millions but the customers never feel overwhelmed when shopping on this site. The searching filters are equipped efficiently with enough criteria including accommodation characteristics, budget, additional services and so on; then, the customers are easy to find the best-fitted one in minutes without wasting time on browsing the website.


Dell is considered as one of the most famous brands in computers as they offer diversified products for customers in many countries. The key point of their successful upselling approach is understanding the customer’s concern. When buyers visit their stores, most of them still do not know which criteria to choose the best products for their demand and Dell has realized this. Therefore, Dell added the gate “Help Me Choose” to come up with personalized recommendations based on the information buyers provide. 

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Amazon is an undisputable name in the eCommerce world which is the domination of many markets in the world. Amazon’s upselling strategies act as a friend of the customers. Whenever they search for a specific product, upselling items will be displayed alongside the product grid. The design of the product page is also a bonus as it allows Amazon to recommend a lot of related products without breaking the logical and clear arrangement of the product page.


Apple is a giant in the smartphone industry and their upselling strategies have contributed to their success. While other brands usually focus on upselling on the product page, Apple follows upselling through customers’ buying experience from browsing to check out stage. They always recommend the latest and best products to catch customers’ attention and motivate them to put them in their shopping cart.


ProFlowers sells flowers, which are considered emotional products and the way they upsell is also taking advantage of customers’ emotions and moods. They boost upselling strategies on some special days such as Valentine’s Day. The customers will receive the Deluxe option which includes more flowers and a more beautiful vase.

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club has succeeded in attracting men (also their target) customers by its name. This is also one of the best examples of upselling online. They have optimized and added full options on the landing page to help customers access what they want in seconds without going around unnecessary parts.


Have you withdrawn valuable lessons from our examples? We hope that you already have some ideas of upselling to adapt to your stores and be successful like those examples!

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