Top BigCommerce Stores: Brand Collective’s Strategy to Localize Superdry’s Operation

Top BigCommerce stores: Brand Collective

About Brand Collective and Superdry

Brand Collective is the leading house of brands in Australia, with popular brands like Clarks, Superdry, Grosby, and a large variety of products ranging from footwear, workwear, to luxurious apparel.

Superdry plc is a clothing company based in the United Kingdom that owns the Superdry label. Not to mention Vintage Americana style meets Japanese-inspired graphics in Superdry’s goods. The brand products are available on the London Exchange. This is a top-class Company that helps in giving amazing fashion solutions to the people.

The Need for Control over Operations

Most of Superdry’s operations, including eCommerce, were based in the UK. Therefore, after obtaining distribution rights, Brand Collective recognized the need for operation localization. The Company wanted more control over not only fulfillment, delivery, marketing, but also online merchandising and website features.

Hence, the team started working on migration and decided that Superdry’s eCommerce platform should be localized as well. As a result, their choice was a familiar platform, BigCommerce.

Migration to BigCommerce

The Brand Collective house has prior experiences with BigCommerce, hence it only took a short time to build a new site. Superdry has leveraged BigCommerce’s API and integration capability to optimize the storefront, security, and marketing campaigns.

The Customer Support team of any eCommerce platform will walk you through a process that will help you in migrating data from the website old to a new platform.

BigCommerce is the most beneficial and functional platform that enables a business to scale eCommerce, enhance its reach, and market products to a wide audience. Busy merchants can find various apps and services that offer a flexible, comprehensive, and great solution for transferring data to BigCommerce. The BigCommerce app marketplace provides new stores with a wide variety of solutions to optimization.

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There are specific types of data that can be transferred to BigCommerce. For instance, you can migrate the products, product categories, orders, coupons, manufacturers, customers, Blogs, and Cms Pages.

Achievement with a new platform

The platform of the Company enables the store owners to reach a wider audience, target the market, secure great performance, conduct Omni-channel selling, and give access to other important marketing techniques. This is why; the Company was able to increase its customers by 135%, orders by 148%, and revenue by 146%. BigCommerce is the leading platform that offers great solutions to businesses online.


Localized features match local market conditions better and lower cultural barriers, as well as giving more control over business processes. Superdry has chosen BigCommerce for efficient site creation together with flexibility and scalability.

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